Wilsons Peak

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Wilsons Peak
Wilsons Peak-1995 Dec.jpg
Wilsons Peak, photographed from New South Wales
Highest point
Elevation 1,230 m (4,040 ft)
Coordinates 28°15′S 152°29′E / 28.250°S 152.483°E / -28.250; 152.483Coordinates: 28°15′S 152°29′E / 28.250°S 152.483°E / -28.250; 152.483[2]
Wilsons Peak is located in Queensland
Wilsons Peak
Wilsons Peak
Location in Queensland
Location Queensland, Australia

Wilsons Peak[2] (Aboriginal: Jirramen[3]) 1,230 m (4,040 ft) is a steep mountain in Queensland, Australia which is covered in dense rainforest. It marks the intersection of the Great Dividing Range with the McPherson Range in the Scenic Rim region. The Queensland and New South Wales border fence also leads up the middle of it.

Local Aboriginals referred to the mountain as "Jirramen," which is Uragapul for knee. This is derived from the fact that the shape of the top of the mountain bears some resemblance to a human knee.[1] The mountain was named by Captain Patrick Logan, the notoriously brutal commander of the Moreton Bay penal settlement, in honour of a colleague he served with at Moreton Bay.[citation needed]

The local Aboriginal tribe used the peak to send a series of smoke signals along the Main Range.[citation needed] The other peaks used for the series of signals are: Mount Roberts, Doubletop, and Mount Mitchell.

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