Wiltshire North and Bath (European Parliament constituency)

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Wiltshire North and Bath
European Parliament constituency
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Member state United Kingdom
Created 1994
Dissolved 1999
MEPs 1

Wiltshire North and Bath was a United Kingdom European Parliament constituency, electing one member. As a result of a boundary reorganization, it came into being for the European Parliament election of 1994 and ceased to exist in 1999, when the United Kingdom abandoned the first-past-the-post system in single-member constituencies for the European elections in England, Scotland and Wales.

Wiltshire North and Bath consisted of the Westminster Parliament constituencies of Bath, Devizes, North Wiltshire, Swindon, Wansdyke, and Westbury. Its only Member of the European Parliament was Caroline Jackson.[1]

The constituency came to an end in 1999, when the UK adopted a form of proportional representation within much larger regional constituencies, and Wiltshire North and Bath was merged into the new South West England European Parliament constituency.

Members of the European Parliament[edit]

Elected Name Party
1994 Caroline Jackson Conservative

Election results[edit]

European Parliament election,1994
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Conservative Caroline Jackson 71,872 34.9
Liberal Democrat Mrs. J.H.H. Matthew 63,085 30.6
Labour Mrs. N.P.J. Norris 50,489 24.5
Liberal P.J.P. Cullen 6,760 3.3
Green M. Davidson 5,974 2.9
UKIP T.P.E. Hedges 5,843 2.8
Natural Law D.R.H. Cooke 1,148 0.6
Christian People's Party J.R.D. Day 725 0.4
Majority 8,787 4.3
Conservative win (new seat)


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