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Wiltshire Publications Ltd, publishes and prints three local newspapers in the West Country: Melksham Independent News (covering Melksham and surrounding villages), White Horse News (covering Westbury and the surrounding villages) and Frome Times (covering Frome). It is a family owned business and remains one of the few independent, locally owned newspaper groups in the country.


Since August 2000, Wiltshire Publications has printed its own newspapers after the purchase of a L&M Pacer/Linonews web offset press. A commercial printing division has been set up, offering commercial printing of newspapers and other publications. As well as newspaper printing, Wiltshire Publications has undertaken commercial printing for a local supermarket group, electoral addresses for political parties and wrapping paper for a fish and chip outlet.

White Horse News[edit]

The White Horse News is one of the papers printed by Wiltshire Publications, which covers Westbury and the surrounding villages.[1]

As of 2018, 10,000 copies are distributed every fortnight covering Westbury and the surrounding villages – Bratton, Dilton Marsh, Edington, Hawkeridge, Heywood, Westbury Leigh and Erlestoke. It has the largest circulation of any newspaper in the Westbury area, and is the only newspaper delivered to houses in the surrounding villages.[1]

Frome Times[edit]

The Frome Times covers the Somerset town of Frome. Over 13,400 copies are distributed fortnightly in the town and it has the largest circulation of any Frome newspaper.[2]

Melksham Independent News[edit]

The Melksham Independent News is another of Wiltshire Publications' papers,[3] covering Melksham and the surrounding villages.[4][5]

Melksham News was printed for the first time on 2 April 1981. It was run by Ian and Susan Drew until July 1987 when they sold the business, travelled around America and finally settled in London. By 1990, Melksham News had ceased to trade and Ian and Susan Drew decided to return to Wiltshire and resurrect the paper, which was renamed Melksham Independent News. In 1996 and 2011, the newspaper received a Civic Award from Melksham Town Council for services to the community. As of 2018, 13,700 copies are distributed every fortnight – the largest circulation of any newspaper in the Melksham area.[6]

Melksham on TV[edit]

Wiltshire Publications operates an online video channel dedicated to news, events and from the town of Melksham, Wiltshire. Since its inception in 2011 the channel has reported on many stories in town from the Christmas lights to a visit by footballer Matt Le Tissier.[7]

Bath on TV[edit]

Bath on TV was established in March, 2013 as Bath’s own online community TV channel offering video coverage of what’s happening in the city. The channel has covered many of the major cultural events in the city such as the Bath Children's Literature Festival, the Jane Austen Festival and the Special Olympics National Games 2013.

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