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The Wiltshire Record Society is a text publication society in Wiltshire, England, which edits and publishes historic documents concerned with the history of Wiltshire.


In 1937 Ralph Pugh was the chief mover in a proposal to found the records branch of the Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Society.[1] The Records Branch was established in 1939, and in 1967 it became the Wiltshire Record Society, an independent organisation in its own right.[2] However, the numbering of the volumes published has remained continuous, the last volume published by the Records Branch being number 21 and the first volume under the new regime being number 22.[3] The books published by both have all been bound in pale blue cloth and have the same size and format.

The work of the Society is funded by the subscribing members, some of them being academic bodies and libraries, but most are private individuals. An annual general meeting is held in Wiltshire once a year, usually in June.

General editors[edit]

  • 1962–1972: Dr Christopher Elrington
  • 1972–1976: Dr Douglas A. Crowley
  • 1976–1978: D. C. Cox
  • 1979–1981: Miss Janet H. Stevenson
  • 1981–1982: vacant
  • 1982–1988: Dr J. L. Kirby
  • 1988–1995: Dr Jane Freeman
  • 1995–2007: Dr John Chandler
  • 2007–2014: Dr Virginia Bainbridge (held jointly with Steven Hobbs from 2013)
  • 2013–: Mr Steven Hobbs (held jointly with Virginia Bainbridge from 2013)


Since 1939, the Society and its predecessor the Records Branch have produced roughly one volume per year, the list of publications being as follows: [4]

  1. Abstracts of feet of fines relating to Wiltshire for the reigns of Edward I and Edward II, ed. Ralph Pugh, 1939
  2. Accounts of the parliamentary garrisons of Great Chalfield and Malmesbury, 1645–1646, H. P. Pafford, 1940
  3. Calendar of Antrobus deeds before 1625, ed. R. B. Pugh, 1947
  4. Wiltshire county records: minutes of proceedings in sessions, 1563 and 1574 to 1592, ed. H. C. Johnson, 1949
  5. List of Wiltshire borough records earlier in date than 1836, ed. M. G. Rathbone, 1951
  6. The Trowbridge woollen industry as illustrated by the stock books of John and Thomas Clark 1804–1824, ed. R. P. Beckinsale
  7. Guild stewards book of the borough of Calne, 1561–1688, ed. A. W. Mabbs, 1953
  8. Andrews' and Dury's map of Wiltshire, 1773: a reduced facsimile, ed. Elizabeth Crittall, 1952
  9. Surveys of the manors of Philip Herbert, 5th Earl of Pembroke, 1631-2, ed. E. Kerridge, 1953
  10. Two sixteenth century taxation lists, 1545 and 1576, ed. G. D. Ramsay, 1954
  11. Wiltshire quarter sessions and assizes, 1736, ed. J. P. M. Fowle, 1955
  12. Collectanea, ed. N.J. Williams, 1956
  13. Progress notes of Warden Woodward for the Wiltshire estates of New College, Oxford, 1659–1675, ed. R. L. Rickard, 1957
  14. Accounts and surveys of the Wiltshire lands of Adam de Stratton, 1268–86, ed. M. W. Farr, 1959
  15. Tradesmen in early-Stuart Wiltshire : a miscellany, ed. N. J. Williams, 1960
  16. Crown pleas of the Wiltshire eyre, 1249, ed. C. A. F. Meekings, 1961
  17. Wiltshire apprentices and their masters, 1710–1760, ed. Christabel Dale, 1961
  18. Hemingby's register, ed. Helena M. Chew, 1963
  19. Documents illustrating the Wiltshire textile trades in the eighteenth century, ed. Julia de L. Mann, 1964
  20. The diary of Thomas Naish, ed. Doreen Slatter, 1965
  21. The rolls of the Highworth hundred 1275–1287, part 1, ed. Brenda Farr, 1966,
  22. The rolls of the Highworth hundred 1275–1287, part 2, ed. Brenda Farr, 1968
  23. The earl of Hertford's lieutenancy papers, 1603–1612, ed. W. P. D. Murphy, 1969
  24. Court rolls of the Wiltshire manors of Adam de Stratton, ed. R. B. Pugh, 1970.
  25. Abstracts of Wiltshire inclosure awards and agreements, ed. R. E. Sandell, 1971
  26. Civil pleas of the Wiltshire eyre, 1249, ed. M. T. Clanchy, 1971
  27. Wiltshire returns to the bishop's visitation queries, 1783, ed. Mary Ransome, 1972
  28. Wiltshire extents for debts, Edward I – Elizabeth I, ed. Angela Conyers, 1973
  29. Abstracts of feet of fines relating to Wiltshire for the reign of Edward III, ed. C. R. Elrington, 1974
  30. Abstracts of Wiltshire tithe apportionments, ed. R. E. Sandell, 1975
  31. Poverty in early-Stuart Salisbury, ed. Paul Slack, 1975
  32. The subscription book of Bishops Tounson and Davenant, 1620–40, ed. B. Williams, 1977
  33. Wiltshire gaol delivery and trailbaston trials, 1275–1306, ed. R. B. Pugh, 1978
  34. Lacock Abbey charters, ed. K. H. Rogers, 1979
  35. The cartulary of Bradenstoke Priory, ed. Vera C. M. London, 1979
  36. Wiltshire coroners' bills, 1752–1796, ed. R. F. Hunnisett, 1981
  37. Two justicing notebooks of William Hunt, 1744–1749, ed. Elizabeth Crittall, 1982
  38. Two Elizabethan women : correspondence of Joan and Maria Thynne, 1575–1611, ed. Alison D. Wall, 1983
  39. The register of John Chandler, dean of Salisbury, 1404–17, ed. T. C. B. Timmins, 1984
  40. Wiltshire dissenters meeting house certificates and registrations, 1689–1852, ed. J. H. Chandler, 1985
  41. Abstracts of feet of fines relating to Wiltshire, 1377–1509, ed. J. L. Kirby, 1986
  42. The Edington cartulary, ed. Janet H. Stevenson, 1987
  43. The commonplace book of Sir Edward Bayntun of Bromham, ed. Jane Freeman, 1988
  44. The diaries of Jeffery Whitaker, schoolmaster of Bratton, 1739–1741, ed. Marjorie Reeves and Jean Morrison, 1989
  45. The Wiltshire tax list of 1332, ed. D. A. Crowley, 1989
  46. Calendar of Bradford-on-Avon settlement examinations and removal orders, 1725–98, ed. Phyllis Hembry, 1990
  47. Early trade directories of Wiltshire, ed. K. H. Rogers and indexed by J. H. Chandler, 1992
  48. Star chamber suits of John and Thomas Warneford, ed. F. E. Warneford, 1993
  49. The Hungerford cartulary : a calendar of the earl of Radnor's cartulary of the Hungerford family, ed. J. L. Kirby, 1994
  50. The Letters of John Peniston, Salisbury architect, Catholic, and Yeomanry Officer, 1823–1830, ed. M. Cowan, 1996
  51. The Apprentice Registers of the Wiltshire Society, 1817–1922, ed. H. R. Henly, 1997
  52. Printed Maps of Wiltshire 1787–1844 : a selection of topographical, road and canal maps, in facsimile, ed. John Chandler, 1998
  53. Monumental Inscriptions of Wiltshire, ed. Peter Sherlock, 2000
  54. The First General Entry Book of the City of Salisbury, 1387–1452, ed. David R. Carr, 2001
  55. Devizes income tax assessments, 1842–1860, ed. Robert Colley, 2002
  56. Wiltshire Glebe Terriers, 1588–1827, ed. Steven Hobbs, 2003
  57. Wiltshire Farming in the Seventeenth Century, ed. Joseph Bettey, 2005
  58. Early Motor Vehicle Registration in Wiltshire 1903–1914, ed. Ian Hicks, 2006
  59. Marlborough Probate Inventories 1591–1775, ed. Lorelei Williams and Sally Thomson, 2007
  60. The Hungerford Cartulary, Part 2: a calendar of the Hobhouse cartulary of the Hungerford family, ed. J. L. Kirby, 2007
  61. The Court Records of Brinkworth and Charlton, 1544–1648, ed. Douglas Crowley, 2009
  62. The Diary of William Henry Tucker, 1825–1850, ed. Helen Rogers, 2009
  63. Gleanings from Wiltshire Parish Registers, ed. Steven Hobbs, 2010
  64. William Small's Cherished Memories and Associations, ed. Jane Howells and Ruth Newman, 2011
  65. Crown Pleas of the Wiltshire Eyre, 1268, ed. Brenda Farr and Christopher Elrington, 2012
  66. The Minute Books of Froxfield Almshouse 1714–1866, ed. Douglas Crowley, 2013
  67. Wiltshire Quarter Sessions Order Book, 1642–1654, ed. Ivor Slocombe, 2014
  68. Register of John Blyth, Bishop of Salisbury, 1493–1499, ed. David Wright, 2015
  69. The Churchwardens’ Accounts of St Mary’s, Devizes, 1633–1689, ed. Alex Craven, 2016

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