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WinAce screenshot.png
WinAce version 2.69
Developer(s)e-merge GmbH
Initial releaseJuly 22, 1999; 21 years ago (1999-07-22)
Stable release
2.69 / November 8, 2007; 13 years ago (2007-11-08)
Operating systemWindows, DOS, (read only: Linux, Mac OS X)
TypeFile archiver

WinAce was an archiving program for Windows with its own "ACE" compressed archive format and built-in support for other common archive formats types such as ZIP, RAR and CAB. They also offer a freeware (but not free software) command-line interface decompression (including listing and testing) program called Unace for macOS and Linux.

Beginning with version 2.65, WinAce was bundled with the WhenU SaveNow adware program. This bundle has been removed from the current version (2.69) and has been replaced with an opt-in sponsorship deal via TrialPay.

The application is already discontinued since it hasn't seen any updates since 2007 and as of August 2017 also their official website went offline ( snapshots from July 2017 are the last ones which do not show a "Domain parked" message).

Commandline version[edit]

Commandline ACE for DOS

There is a text-based version for DOS called Commandline ACE. In addition to the ACE format, it has built-in support for other common archive format types such as ARJ, RAR, ZIP, and partially LZH. Program distribution contains both Commandline ACE and UnACE decompressor. Both programs are in versions for DOS, OS/2 and Windows, and have support for Long File Names. Despite its name, Commandline ACE contains full-fledged Norton Commander-like interface and can be run both in commandline and fullscreen mode. UnACE can be run only in commandline mode. Commandline ACE can be used for file manipulation, similar to that existing in Norton Commander.

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