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WinDVD 9
WinDVD 9
Initial release1998
Stable releaseWinDVD Pro 12 Service Pack 5 (June 12, 2018; 14 months ago (2018-06-12)[1][2]) [±]
Preview releasenone [±]
Operating systemWindows
TypeVideo Player
WebsiteCorel InterVideo Page

WinDVD (owned by Corel Corporation which bought InterVideo in 2006[3]) is a commercial video player and music player software for Microsoft Windows. It enables the viewing of DVD-Video movies on the user's PC. DVD-Video backups stored on hard disk (created using software such as DVD Decrypter) can also be played. The player can also be used to play videos and audio/music files in other formats encoded with different codecs, for instance DivX, Xvid, Windows Media Video video and MP3 and AAC audio. Newer versions also support full Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD (HD DVD support removed after WinDVD 9) playback with menus, with CPRM DRM support.

Features and Functions[edit]

Special features and functions supported by InterVideo WinDVD version 8.0 during video/movie and audio/music playback.

Video Playback[edit]

  • TrimensionDNM - interpolates frames to give smooth playback
  • Smooth Reverse Playback - smooth reverse/rewind playback without dropping frames
  • Video Desktop - display subpanel to let the movie play in the background, just like a Windows wallpaper
  • Software Video Deinterlacing - ensures a smoother and clearer video image on progressive displays
  • Dynamic range compression and SRS - offers modes suited to Quiet, Noisy and Normal listening environments
  • Instant Replay - Jump back to the line you missed, or catch that action sequence again
  • "Boss Key" - One click hides the player out of the way from the desktop
  • 9X Digital Zoom
  • Closed captioning support provides closed captioning for the deaf and hard of hearing
  • Video Bookmarks enable quick access to a user's favorite movie scenes
    • Saved as a file with ".bmk" extension for later use or export for use on another computer
  • Resume playback - allows users to play a DVD from the last scene prior to stopping
  • Screen snapshots can be captured with a user-defined aspect ratio
  • External subtitle support allows playback via AVI, DivX and WMV files
    • Supports SRT, SUB, SSA, ASS, PSB, SMI extensions and XSUB (DivX embedded subtitles)
    • Allows you to adjust the placement, subtitle color and size of subtitles
  • On-screen display (OSD) lets users define where video information is located
  • Color Themes lets users personalize the look of your player to match their mood or their desktop
  • Low Frequency Effects (LFE) mixes the LFE channel (bass) with front speaker channels
  • Dolby Pro Logic IIx - 2.0 - 5.1 => 7.1 audio-channels expansion technology (upsample anything from 2.0 to 7.1 surround sound)
  • Dolby Headphone - Virtual surround sound on 2-channel (stereo) headphones

Music Playback[edit]

General Features[edit]

  • Playlist playback and creation support - for audio or video files from DVDs, VCDs, SVCDs and CDs
  • "Movie Encyclopedia" is a new feature of WinDVD that enables users to access a movie database for details on movies, actors and directors, (similar to IMDb).
  • UPnP Control Point (UPnP-client) - Play videos from any UPnP AV MediaServer device in your home network
  • UPnP UPnP AV MediaServer (UPnP-server) - allows other UPnP Control Point devices in your home network to stream audio/video files from WinDVD

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