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Black Belt Systems WinImages is a bitmap graphics editor and special effects applicator that supports both automation of editing tasks and animation of effects. WinImages is a MDI application which runs under Windows 95 and later versions of Microsoft Windows.

WinImages began life in 1985 as a product called ImageMaster. It was ported to Windows in 1989, which is when the name was changed to WinImages.

As of December 2004, WinImages is at version 7.5.

Summary of WinImages features[edit]

  • Timeline for animation on still image, and animation on animation
  • 177 image manipulation operation classes in 15 functional groups
  • 790 built-in static or timeline-aware controls
  • Unlimited number of scripted timeline-aware controls
  • Integral ray tracer with timeline-aware engine
  • Integral heightfield renderer with timeline-aware engine
  • Integral particle system renderer with timeline-aware engine
  • Integral texture generator with timeline-aware engine
  • 74 layer modes, the usual 20 or so, plus unusual modes like geometric warping
  • 14 area selection tools
  • Embedded custom scripting language similar to BASIC
  • RGB, HSV, CMY and CMYK color separation
  • Open plug-in specification (presumes C is development language) with services
  • Reads 340 variations of 22 different bitmap image file types
  • Writes 25 variations of 13 different bitmap image file types
  • Additional animation types are extended by Windows 32-bit CODECS

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