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WinOps (a portmanteau of "Windows" and "DevOps") is a term used referring to the cultural movement of DevOps practices for a Microsoft-centric view.[1] It emphasizes the use of the cloud, automation and integrating development and IT operations into one fluid method on the Windows platform.[2]


The term 'WinOps' was coined at the London DevOps meetup held at Facebook in June 2015. As an amalgamation of Windows and DevOps, it represents the new emphasis on using existing DevOps methodologies in the traditionally less open-source Microsoft space.[3][4]


Since the first WinOps conference in September 2015, there have been multiple meetups and a second conference which was held in May 2016.[5][6] The WinOps meetup group has an active community with over 1,000 members. Their motto is "Windows in a DevOps World". They focus on shared experiences using Windows centred products and tools for establishing DevOps goals.[7]

WinOps logo.png
Date Type Host Speakers
22 September 2015 Conference The Brewery
17 November 2015 Meetup JustEat Peter Mounce - JustEat
16 January 2016 Meetup HP Enterprise Arne Luhrs - HPE IT

Andy Burgin - Sky Betting and Gaming

23 February 2016 Meetup Ryan Yates

Ricard Clau -

22 March 2016 Meetup Microsoft Marcus Robinson - Microsoft

Nicolas Corrarello - Puppet

20 April 2016 Meetup HP Enterprise Ben Hall - Ocelot Uproar

Steve Thair - DevOpsGuys

24-25 May 2016 Conference CodeNode - Skills Matter Jeffrey Snover - Microsoft

Ed Wilson - Microsoft Michael Greene - Microsoft

20-21 September 2017 Conference CodeNode - Skills Matter Jeffrey Snover - Microsoft

Sam Guckenheimer - Microsoft

The Linux challenge[edit]

Windows and Linux are very different; not just technologically, but philosophically. Tools are a major component to establishing DevOps, and the lack of Windows-centric tools limited early Windows DevOps adoptions as most initial supporting technologies emerged from Linux and open-source communities.[8] WinOps boils down to addressing the same challenges as DevOps, using different tools.[9]

WinOps-focused tools[edit]

Solution Released by
BuildMaster Inedo
Chocolatey RealDimensions Software
NuGet .NET Foundation
Otter Inedo
PowerShell Microsoft
Puppet PuppetLabs
Salt SaltStack
TeamCity JetBrains
Team Foundation Server Microsoft
Vagrant HashiCorp
Visual Studio Release Management Microsoft


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