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Winwap logo rgb lores.jpg
Developer(s)Winwap Technologies
Initial release1999
Stable release
4.1 / August 2008; 10 years ago (2008-08)
Operating systemCross-platform

WinWAP is a web browser for WAP made by Winwap Technologies available for Microsoft Windows and any Windows CE powered device, like the common Windows Mobile powered Pocket PC phones. The WinWAP name is a combination of the words "Windows" and "WAP".

The browser engine is also provided as a Software Development Kit that allows other software manufacturers to add WAP capabilities to their own software applications.

The WinWAP browsers are depending on version available as free downloads, shareware applications or pre-installed on devices.


The first WinWAP browser that supported WAP 1.2 was released in 1999 as the world's first Wireless Application Protocol browser for Windows. The newest versions of the browser are WAP 2.0 compatible with support for WML, xHTML-MP and HTML.

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