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FoundedFebruary 2007
Headquarters10 calle 6-81 Zona 1, Ciudad de Guatemala
Democratic socialism
Political positionLeft-wing
Regional affiliationForo de São Paulo
4 / 160

Winaq is a left-wing political party in Guatemala whose most notable member is Rigoberta Menchú, who is ethnically K'iche'. Its name comes from the K'iche'ean word for "people", "winaq". It is a party whose roots are in the indigenous communities of Guatemala.[1]


According to the party's website,

The "WINAQ Political Movement" party is constituted from the plurality and vision of Guatemalans. It takes up the philosophy of "power of the people" in order to transform the political regime into a democracy that corresponds to the reality of the individuals, communities and peoples that coexist in the country. The fundamental purpose of which is to transform the State and society from an ethical, inclusive, participatory and multicultural perspective, on the basis of human rights and the rights of indigenous peoples.

WINAQ means integral human being; it is the complete human being. It defines women and men in the deepest and most integral dimension. The Person is part of the cosmos, of nature and of society, whose quality is to be the subject who feels, thinks, expresses and acts. It is the expression of Mayan men and women, Ladino-Mestizo, Garífuna and Xinka whose mission is to change an unjust, racist, lack of opportunities and perverse reality to an equitable situation, full of opportunities, without exclusion or marginalization.

WINAQ is evangelical, Catholic, charismatic, Mayan spirituality. Everyone has the right to practice his religion or belief and the respect due to the dignity of the hierarchy and the faithful of other faiths existing in Guatemala.[2]


In the 2007 general elections, Winaq's pro-formation committee participated with the Encuentro por Guatemala party, nominating Rigoberta Menchú as presidential candidate. The alliance came in seventh place.

In the 2011 general elections, the Guatemalan left created an alliance called Frente Amplio, made up of the political parties Unidad Revolucionaria Nacional Guatemalteca (URNG-MAIZ), Alternativa Nueva Nación (ANN), Winaq and the pro-formation committee of the Movimiento Nueva República (MNR). Rigoberta Menchú was unanimously proclaimed as presidential candidate and Anibal García as vice presidential candidate. They obtained around 3% of the vote.