Wind from the East

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Wind from the East
Directed byDziga Vertov Group
Jean-Luc Godard (uncredited)
Jean-Pierre Gorin (uncredited)
Gérard Martin (uncredited)
Written bySergio Bazzini
Daniel Cohn-Bendit
Jean-Luc Godard
StarringGian Maria Volontè
Anne Wiazemsky
Cristiana Tullio-Altan
Release date
19 August 1970
Running time
95 minutes

Wind from the East (French: Le Vent d'est) is a 1970 film by the Dziga Vertov Group, a radical filmmaking cooperative that, at its core, included Jean-Luc Godard and Jean-Pierre Gorin. As with most films from this period in Godard's career, directing credit was given to the collective and not himself or other individual filmmakers.

Of the Dziga Vertov Group films, Wind from the East became particularly notable due to Peter Wollen's influential essay about it: "Godard and Counter Cinema: Vent d'est."[1] Wollen contends that Wind from the East exemplifies how Brechtian principles of "epic theatre" can be applied to film as "counter cinema."


The film reflects Gorin and (especially) Godard's interest in divorcing sound from image, as a means of reinventing the language of "bourgeois" commercial cinema.[citation needed]

The soundtrack of the film begins with the story of a kidnapped ALCOA executive but abruptly changes the subject to a lengthy lecture on the history and political context of revolutionary cinema, including Marxist-Leninist self-critique, and a critique of Hollywood's film industry. The visual component of the film features an outdoor natural setting and characters in what appears to be a spaghetti Western film (or a parody thereof). The two components, while separate, frequently interact; the soundtrack occasionally refers to the cinematic tropes that appear onscreen, while the story told in the visuals contains dialogue and sound that overlaps and competes with the primary soundtrack.



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