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Wind Of Change was a hardcore band from Arizona who existed from 1987 to 1989. They put out two records in their lifetime and then had all their recordings re-released in 1990. Members Jim and John Wall, Eric Astor, and Alex Dunham would move to Washington, DC where they performed with a number of bands, including Kerosene 454, Hoover, Regulator Watts, Canyon, Samuel, and Junction. Dunham would later move to Chicago and perform with Abilene. Eric Astor also founded Art Monk Construction in 1993 and John Wall would go on to co-run Slowdime Records.


  • Jim Wall – Vocals
  • Jason Peterson – Guitar
  • Alex Dunahm – Guitar
  • John Wall – Bass
  • Brian Fuller – Drums
  • Eric Astor – Drums
  • Tim Olsen – Drums


  • Demo" (Step Forward Records, 1987)
  • ...A Promise Kept 7" (Step Forward Records, 1988)
  • Rain 7" (self-released, 1989)
  • Retrospect compilation LP (Old World Records, 1990)

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