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Missouri 80-Meter Wind Resource Map

Wind power in Missouri has an install capacity of 959 MW from 499 turbines, as of 2016.[1] This provided 1.29% of the state's electricity production.[2] Missouri's total wind generation potential 340 GW.[1]

Installed Capacity[edit]

As of 2016, Missouri had 959 MW of installed capacity, all installed in the north-west corner of the state.[1] At least six wind farms were developed by Wind Capital Group between 2006 and 2009. As of 2017, the largest wind farm in the state came online, the 300 MW Rock Creek Wind Farm in Atchison County.[3]

Northwest Missouri is considered the windiest portion of the state and clips the windiest portion of the country which is known as Tornado Alley.

Project County City Turbines Nominal Power (Mw) Commissioned Notes
Bluegrass Ridge wind energy project Gentry King City 27 56.7 2008 [4] Developed by Wind Capital Group (now owned by Exelon). Wind Capital's founder is Tom Carnahan, son of Missouri Governor Mel Carnahan and U.S. Senator Jean Carnahan
Conception Wind Project Nodaway Conception 24 50.4 2008 [5] Developed by Wind Capital Group (now owned by Exelon)
Cow Branch Wind Energy Center Atchison Rockport 24 50.4 2008 [6] Developed by Wind Capital Group (now owned by Exelon)
Farmers City Atchison Westboro 73 146.0 2009 [7] Owned by and developed by Iberdrola Renovables.
Loess Hills Wind Energy Center Atchison Rockport 4 5.0 2008 First city in US to get its total power from wind.[8] Developed by Wind Capital Group (now owned by Exelon)
Lost Creek Ridge Wind Farm DeKalb Union Star 100 150.0 2011 [9] Developed by Wind Capital Group and later sold to Pattern Energy.
Osborn Dekalb Osborn 88 176.0 2016 [10] Developed and owned by NextEra Energy.
Rock Creek Atchison York 150 300.0 2017 Largest in Missouri and cost $500 Million[11] Owned and developed by Enel Green Power (after acquisition in 2019 of Kansas-based Tradewind Energy).[12][12]

Transmission Capacity[edit]

There have been several attempts at getting regulatory approval of transmission lines to carry wind power, either to the load centers of Missouri, or through Missouri, from major wind power producers in the Great Plains states to load centers further east.



Planned Growth[edit]

In October 2017, the Empire District Electric Company proposed installing 500 MW of wind turbines in Jasper, Barton, Dade, and Lawrence counties.[20][21][22]

In May 2018, Ameren has announced plans to construct a 175 turbine, 400 MW wind farm in Adair and Schuyler counties.[23] Construction is expected to being in 2019, with the project coming online in 2020.

In February 2019, E.ON announced plans for a 150 MW wind farm northwest of Columbia, Missouri in rural Boone County.[24]

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