Wind power in Nevada

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Nevada wind resources

The U.S. state of Nevada has moderate potential capacity for onshore wind power generation, ranking 29th amongst the states. The NREL estimates[1] that the potential for 7.2 GW of wind generation capacity exists in Nevada, which could generate 17,709 GW·h per year (roughly 60% of the state's electric demand[2]).

As of 2013 Nevada has just 152 MW installed in one farm, the Spring Valley Wind project, which commenced operation in 2012.[3]

Net metering[edit]

Net metering is one of the most important benefits of having a renewable energy system.[4]

Net metering allows variable renewable energy resources to be used when needed, and take full advantage of wind and solar resources when they are available. Most standard electric meters are bi-directional, and record accurately in both directions, meaning that no action is needed to implement net metering. Net metering has been available in the United States, upon request, since 2005. Since it is an accounting mechanism it does not require any physical equipment changes, unless a unidirectional electric meter exists, which must be replaced or reprogrammed to allow bi-directional operation.

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