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Winder Farms, headquartered in West Valley City, Utah, is an online grocery store and delivery service. Winder Farms offers over 300 grocery products, including award-winning milk and chocolate milk, to households in Utah, Las Vegas, Nevada and Orange County, California. Winder Farms carries dairy, produce, bakery, meat, snack, beverage, and prepared meal products. Winder Farms dates back to 1863 and is among the oldest of Utah companies.


In 1863, the Winder family built the first Winder farm at 2700 South and 300 East in Salt Lake City, Utah. In 1880, the Winders began delivering milk in tall cans, scooping it into customers' kitchen pans. Glass bottles of "Rich Jersey Milk" were introduced in 1907. The price of a quart of Winder milk in 1918 was 18 cents.

The family switched from horses to a Ford Model T truck in 1915, but when its tires frequently burst, the Winders went back to horse deliveries until 1928. In 1931, the farm moved from Salt Lake City to its present location at 4400 W. 4100 South. The family started its bakery operation in 1958, when glass bottles were replaced with poly carbonate containers. Winder Farms employs more than 175 workers. Today the fifth and sixth generation of Winders continue in the company's operation, including company executive Kent Winder.[1]


In 2006, Winder Farms expanded into Las Vegas and Mesquite, Nevada. In 2013, Winder Farms acquired Santa Ana-based Rockview Farms grocery home delivery service for an undisclosed price.[2] As of February 2, 2018, Winder Farms will end their home delivery service in Nevada. Their products will still be sold in stores.

Place in industry[edit]

While Winder Farms began as a traditional milkman, similar to Oberweis Dairy, its expansion into categories beyond dairy, along with its shift to orders primarily made online, place it more in the online grocer industry.[3] Customers receive deliveries once a week.

Winder Cares[edit]

The Winder Cares program donates over 200,000 pounds of food products to local charities each year. The bulk of those contributions are donated to The Utah Food Bank based in Salt Lake City, Utah and the 3 Square Food Bank located in Las Vegas, Nevada. The company donates Winder Farms product to these causes as well as organizing food drives among its customers.

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