Windham School District (Texas)

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Windham School District
Windham School District (Texas) Logo.jpg
United States
District information
Motto"Fighting Crime Through Education"
Established1969 (1969)
SuperintendentDr. John Clinton Carpenter
Budget$53,418,757 [1]
District ID4800291[2]
Students and staff
Other information

The Windham School District (WSD) is a non-geographical school district that provides educational services to offenders in the custody of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ). The district has its headquarters in Building B in the Wynne Unit in Huntsville.[3][4] The school district is a separate and distinct organization from the TDCJ.[5] Windham is one of the largest correctional education systems in the United States, providing educational programs and services in most TDCJ facilities.[6] The Texas Board of Criminal Justice acts as the board of education for the district.[7] The members of the board are appointed by the Governor of Texas.[8]


The Wynne Unit has the headquarters of the school district

George Beto, the director of the Texas Department of Corrections (TDC), advocated for the establishment of the district.[9] The Texas Legislature established the district, which began operation in 1969. The Texas Board of Corrections named the district after James M. Windham, who had been a member of the board for 24 years.[10] The district was the first school system of its size to be established within a statewide prison system.[6]


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