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Windigo Ranger Station, or simply Windigo, is a docking and refueling port on Isle Royale, the largest island in Lake Superior, and is a ranger station for Isle Royale National Park.


Windigo is the western end and terminus of the Greenstone Ridge Trail that traverses the island from southwest to northeast, ending at Rock Harbor. Along with Rock Harbor, it is one of only two ports for visitors to enter the national park.


The Voyageur II and Wenonah passenger ferries dock at Windigo, bringing overnight visitors, hikers, and campers from Grand Portage, Minnesota.

The station houses the park rangers, has a general store and an interpretive and visitor's center.

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Coordinates: 47°54′42.5″N 89°9′28″W / 47.911806°N 89.15778°W / 47.911806; -89.15778