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Four-masted, iron-hulled barque Herzogin Cecilie—one of the fastest windjammers built

A windjammer is a commercial sailing ship with multiple masts that may be either square rigged or fore-and-aft rigged or a combination of the two. The informal term arose during the transition from the Age of Sail to the Age of Steam.


A New England windjammer—the Luther Little, a four-masted schooner—just after its construction in 1917

The word "windjammer" has a variety of associations, both nautical and not. In the late 19th century the term was pejorative, as used by sailors aboard steamships.[1]

  • In 1892, Rudder Magazine said in a story, "The deck hands on the liners contemptuously refer to [sailing vessels] as 'wind-jammers'."[1]
  • In 1917, the American Dialect Society recorded residents of the U.S. state of Maine referring to fore-and-aft sailing vessels as "windjammers" in a list of regional word usages.[2]
  • The Oxford Companion to Ships and the Sea calls windjammer "a non-nautical name by which square-rigged sailing ships are sometimes known".[3]
  • The Oxford Essential Dictionary of the U.S. Military calls windjammer "a merchant sailing ship".[4]
  • The following languages have adopted "windjammer" as a loanword from English in reference to sailing ships:
  1. Czech: windjammer[5]
  2. Dutch: windjammer[6]
  3. German: Windjammer[7][8]
  4. Japanese: ウィンドジャマー[9]
  5. Polish: windjammer[10]
  6. Russian: винджаммер[11]
  7. Serbo-Croatian: виндјамер/vindjamer[12]
  8. Ukrainian: вінджамер
  • Green's Dictionary of Slang has a variety of non-nautical definitions for the term.[13]


Full-rigged ship
Showing three-masted examples, progressing from square sails on each to all fore-and-aft sails on each.

Any of the following ships may be called a "windjammer":

In literature[edit]

Windjammers have figured prominently in both historical and fictional literature. Some examples include:

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