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WindMade is the first global consumer label for companies, events and products using wind power in their operations or production. The organization is a non-profit NGO established by seven Founding Partners: United Nations Global Compact, WWF, Global Wind Energy Council, LEGO Group, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), Bloomberg L.P. and Vestas Wind Systems, WindMade's lead sponsor.

WindMade is dedicated to increasing investment in wind power by improving corporations’ ability to communicate their wind energy investments to their stakeholders. WindMade will strive to achieve this by increasing transparency of corporate investments in wind energy, by informing citizens on the implications of using different energy sources, and by empowering consumers to favour corporations who make a real contribution to delivering new wind energy.

WindMade offers three labels. Each label type has its own technical standard which outlines the requirements that companies have to meet in order to qualify for using the WindMade label.

(1) Company Label: This label allows users to communicate the amount of renewable electricity they procure and consume around the world. In order to qualify, a company must procure a minimum of 25% of its overall electricity consumption from wind power. Other renewable energy sources can also be displayed in the label.

(2) Events Label: Events organisers covering 100% of the electricity used for the preparation and running of an event by procuring renewable energy can use the WindMade Events Label. Wind power must represent the largest share of the energy sources used.

(3) Product Label: The WindMade Product Label can be directly printed on individual products. The underlying technical requirements for this are currently under development, and WindMade expects to launch the Product Label in the summer of 2012.

In November 2011, WindMade announced the first Pioneer Companies to use the label. These include Deutsche Bank, Motorola Mobility, Becton Dickinson, Method Products, Vestas Wind Systems, Widex, PwC Denmark, Better Place, Bloomberg L.P. and many others.


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