Windmill British Cemetery

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Windmill British Cemetery
Commonwealth War Graves Commission
Used for those deceased 1917-1918
Established 1917
Location 50°15′46″N 2°53′2″E / 50.26278°N 2.88389°E / 50.26278; 2.88389Coordinates: 50°15′46″N 2°53′2″E / 50.26278°N 2.88389°E / 50.26278; 2.88389
near Monchy-le-Preux, France
Designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens
Total burials 402
Unknown burials 35
Burials by nation
Burials by war

The Windmill British Cemetery is a Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC) burial ground for the dead of World War I located near to the commune of Monchy-le-Preux on the main Arras to Cambrai road (D339) in the département of Pas-de-Calais, France.

The cemetery contains the graves of 368 known casualties and 35 unidentified.[1]



The cemetery was first used in May 1917 by the 29th Division to bury the dead from the Second Battle of the Scarpe of the 23 April 1917. The cemetery continued to be used until March 1918 and then again between August and October 1918.[1]


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