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Not to be confused with Indexing and abstracting service.
Indexing Service
A component of Microsoft Windows
Indexing Service Query Form.PNG
The Indexing Service Query Form, used to query Indexing Service catalogs, hosted in Microsoft Management Console.
Type Desktop search
Included with Windows NT 4.0 Option Pack[1]
Windows 2000[2]
Windows XP[3]
Windows Server 2003[3]
Windows Server 2008[4]
Replaced by Windows Search
Service name Indexing Service
Description Indexes contents and properties of files on local and remote computers; provides rapid access to files through flexible querying language.

Indexing Service (originally called Index Server) was a Windows service that maintained an index of most of the files on a computer to improve searching performance on PCs and corporate computer networks. It updated indexes without user intervention. In Windows 7, it has been replaced by a newer Windows Search indexer. The IFilter plugins to extend the indexing capabilities to more file formats and protocols are compatible between the legacy Indexing Service and the newer Windows Search indexer.


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