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Developer(s) Microsoft
Type Profile manager

Profile (previously known as Windows Live Profile) is the website for Windows Live users to manage their profile information. It is a profile feature which displays information about the particular user, their recent activities, and their relationship with other Windows Live users. The profile is associated with a user's Microsoft account. It also provides the ability to connect with other social networks such as Facebook, MySpace, and LinkedIn.


Features of Windows Live Profile include:

  • display and share a user's profile information, including their personal information such as interests and hobbies, and social information such as their favorties quote, hometown, or places lived previously
  • display information from the "Messenger social" feed which shows a list of recent activities the particular user had made on other Windows Live services
  • allow users to comment on another user's "Messenger social" updates
  • modify the user profile's privacy settings and what information to share or not share with others
  • allow users to add "Services" which displays social updates from other web identities such as Twitter and YouTube
  • allow users to connect with certain "Connected Services" such as Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn such that:
    • the contact list from the Connected Service are merged with Windows Live Contacts and de-duplicated
    • the user may receive updates from the Connected Service into its "Messenger social" feed
    • the user may post status updates and links from within Windows Live to the Connected Service
    • the user may directly inline comment on social updates from the Connected Service


Windows Live Profile integrates with other Windows Live services in many ways, such as through:

  • Windows Live Messenger and Windows Live Home which displays the "Messenger social" feeds provided in the user's profile
  • Windows Live Contacts which allow other users to view the user's contact details

Windows Live Profile also connects with other web identities such as WordPress, LinkedIn and Facebook through the use of Windows Live Services. When connected, updates from the services are shown in the user's updates feed to the people they choose to see them. Connected services are shown as a link on the user's profile. Certain services, such as Facebook have many functionalities like Facebook Chat in Messenger, two-way status updates and more.

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