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Windows Odyssey is a codename for a cancelled version of the Microsoft Windows operating system intended to succeed Windows 2000. It was later combined with Windows Neptune to create Windows XP.[1]

Windows Odyssey
A version of the Microsoft Windows operating system
Working stateNever released
Kernel typeWindows NT
LicenseNon-disclosure agreement[2]
Support status


Windows Odyssey was intended to replace the business-oriented Windows 2000. Development began in 1999 and was based on Windows 2000.[1] The version number of Windows Odyssey is still unknown and unverified sources claim it as Windows NT 6.0.[3] Features found in Windows Odyssey was the new Activity Center and the new user interface.[1][2][failed verification] However, due to high hardware requirements and because Windows Odyssey and the consumer-based Windows Neptune were based on the same codebase, Microsoft combined them to form codename "Whistler" which would later be Windows XP for efficiency.[1] No version of Windows Odyssey was officially released.[3]

Confidential documents from the Comes vs. Microsoft case do state that Windows Odyssey was indeed under development.[3]


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