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For the Japanese band, see W-inds.
Origin Norway
Genres Progressive metal, neo-classical metal
Years active 1998–present
Labels The End Records
Website Official Site
Members Lars Eric Si
Carl August Tidemann
Jan Axel von Blomberg
Andy Winter

Winds is a Norwegian neo-classical/progressive metal band formed in 1998. The music is largely influenced by classical music, with Andy's piano work and Carl August Tidemann's guitar solos, often the central focuses. The lyrics are written by Andy Winter, and deal mostly with astral and existentialist philosophy.


Current members[edit]

Session Members[edit]

Of Entity and Mind[edit]

  • Drajevolitch - Voice
  • Paul S - Bass, Fretless Bass
  • K. Haugen - Electric & Acoustic Guitars (Age of Silence)

Reflections of the I[edit]

  • Drajevolitch - Voice
  • Vegard Johnsen - Violin
  • Stig Ove Ore - Viola
  • Hans Josef Groh - Cello

The Imaginary Direction of Time[edit]

  • Andre Orvik - Violin
  • Vegard Johnsen - Violin
  • Dorthe Dreier - Viola
  • Hans Josef Groh - Cello

Prominence and Demise[edit]


Date of Release Title Label
2001 Of Entity and Mind Avantgarde Music
2002 Reflections of the I The End Records
2004 The Imaginary Direction of Time The End Records
2007 Prominence and Demise The End Records
2017 TBA The End Records


  1. ^1 - the "history" is the official biography from the official Winds website:

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