Winds of Nagual

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Winds of Nagual is a 1985 composition for wind ensemble by the North American composer Michael Colgrass. It has become a standard of the wind ensemble/concert band repertoire. Based on the writings of Carlos Castaneda, the work consists of seven movements.

In 1985 the piece won the William D. Revelli Composition Contest [nl] and Sudler International Composition Competition.


  • Movement 1: "The Desert: Don Juan Emerges from the Mountains"
  • Movement 2: "Don Genaro Appears"
  • Movement 3: "Carlos Stares at the River and Becomes a Bubble"
  • Movement 4: "The Gait of Power"
  • Movement 5: "Asking Twilight for Calmness and Power"
  • Movement 6: "Don Juan Clowns for Carlos"
  • Movement 7: "Last Conversation and Farewell"



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