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Windsor—Sandwich was a provincial electoral district in Ontario, Canada. It came into existence for the first time with the 1934 Ontario election, and was eliminated with the 1967 election as a result of redistribution. The area was restructured as Windsor West from 1967 to 1975, during which time it was represented by New Democrats Hugh Peacock and Ted Bounsall.

Windsor—Sandwich was re-established for the 1975 election, and was again eliminated through redistribution in 1996. The district formally ceased to exist with the 1999 provincial election, and was incorporated into the new districts of Windsor West and Essex.

Provincial representatives[edit]

Assembly Years Member Party
19th 1934–1937     James Clark Liberal
20th 1937–1943
21st 1943–1945     George Bennett Cooperative Commonwealth Federation
22nd 1945–1948     William Griesinger Progressive Conservative
23rd 1948–1951
24th 1951–1955
25th 1955–1959
26th 1959–1963     Maurice Bélanger Liberal
27th 1963–1964
1964-1967     Ivan Thrasher Progressive Conservative
Windsor West 1967-75
30th 1975–1977     Ted Bounsall New Democrat
31st 1977–1981
32nd 1981–1985     Bill Wrye Liberal
33rd 1985–1987
34th 1987–1990
35th 1990–1995     George Dadamo New Democrat
36th 1995–1999     Sandra Pupatello Liberal
Dissolved into Windsor West and Essex in 1999.