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Windsor fontsample.svg
Category Serif
Classification Display
Designer(s) Eleisha Pechey
Foundry Stephenson Blake

Windsor is a serif typeface created by Eleisha Pechey (1831-1902) and released by the Stephenson Blake type foundry.[1] It is intended for use such as display and in headings rather than for body text.

Capitals M and W are widely splayed, P and R have very large upper bowls. The lowercase a, h, m and n of the Windsor font have angled right hand stems, e has an angled cross-stroke. Bitstream in their release notes to its digitisation call it 'a creative variation on the old-style form.[2]


Various foundries have released versions, including Linotype, Elsner+Flake, URW++ and Mecanorma. As many early digitisations were sublicensed, several of these may represent the same digitisation marketed by different rights-holders, possibly upgraded with modern features such as contextual ligature substitution. A range of weights have been created for it, such as condensed, outline and bold.[3]

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