Windsor Dam

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Windsor Dam
South Africa-Ladysmith-Windsor Dam-001.jpg
Windsor Dam
Windsor Dam is located in South Africa
Windsor Dam
Location of Windsor Dam in South Africa
Official name Windsor Dam
Location Ladysmith, KwaZulu-Natal
Coordinates 28°30′07″S 29°44′17″E / 28.502°S 29.738°E / -28.502; 29.738Coordinates: 28°30′07″S 29°44′17″E / 28.502°S 29.738°E / -28.502; 29.738
Opening date 1949[1]
Dam and spillways
Impounds Klip River

Windsor Dam was originally build to control flooding of Ladysmith, in KwaZulu-Natal by the Klip River, but silt buildup quickly reduced its efficiency. The Windsor Dam was commissioned in 1950, has a capacity of 772 cubic metres (27,300 cu ft), and a surface area of 0.826 square kilometres (0.319 sq mi), the dam wall is 17 metres (56 ft) high.

The Qedusizi Dam further downstream in the Klip River was completed in 1997 to take over the task of flood management.[2]

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