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Windsor Yacht Club
Windsor Yacht Club Burgee.png
WYC Burgee
Founded 1937
Clubhouse 9000 Riverside Drive East, Windsor, Ontario
Country  Canada

The Windsor Yacht Club (WYC) is a private yacht club in Windsor, Ontario. It is located on the Canadian mainland just south of Peche Island overlooking the Detroit River. The clubhouse overlooks the southern shore of Peche Island and is at the north-end of the Detroit River, which takes water from Lake St. Clair.

WYC is a member of the Detroit Regional Yacht-racing Association (DRYA)[1] and the Inter-Lake Yachting Association (I-LYA).[2]


In 1936 a group of boat owners who occupied the marina that would soon become the Windsor Yacht Club decided to form an organization of boaters.[3] A modest clubhouse was built where the present clubhouse stands. Over the winter of 1936 and 1937 meetings were held which led to the formation of the yacht club in 1937.[3] The first major expansion occurred after World War II when in 1945 the Clubhouse was expanded for the addition of kitchen and dining facilities. The Club grew substantially in the 1960s with both more wells being constructed and the clubhouse being expanded and improved upon.[3] The clubhouse would later be reconstructed in 2001, as it stands today. The Windsor Yacht Club celebrated its 75th anniversary in the year 2012.[4]

The Windsor Yacht Club still holds many of its traditions including:[3]

Gentlemen do not wear hats in the Club House. When or if this occurs, the bartender rings a bell and the "offender" is obliged to treat those in attendance on the occasion. Exception to this rule may be made on medical or religious grounds.

The parking spot on the east side of the parking lot closest to the Club House door is reserved for the Commodore.

Behind the bar, there are four vertical lights denoting the various flag officers of the Club. The lights are illuminated when any of the above are in attendance at the Club. Similarly if any of the above are in the dining room, a small flag is placed on their table signifying their flag positions.

There are several official functions held throughout the year at the Club: Resurrection Day ▪ Blessing of the Fleet ▪ Commodore's Ball


The Windsor Yacht Club has numerable directors who are in charge of the function of the Club:[3]

  • Commodore
  • Vice Commodore
  • Rear Commodore
  • Fleet Captain
  • Past Commodore
  • Treasurer
  • Entertainment
  • Membership
  • Yards & Docks
  • Race Chairman
  • Secretary
  • House Chairman
  • Fleet Surgeon
  • Fleet Chaplain


Windsor Yacht Club has two harbours, one east of the clubhouse and one to the west. The Windsor Yacht Club has 62 slips (allowing vessels up to 60 feet in length). WYC extends its facilities (dining room, bar, swimming pool, harbour amenities) to members of reciprocal clubs, including members of (DRYA) and (I-LYA) affiliated clubs.[3]


Windsor Yacht Club is active in the sport of yacht racing and is a member of the Detroit Regional Yacht-racing Association (DRYA) along with 26 other clubs in the region. Windsor Yacht Club hosts races in Lake St. Clair. The club hosts a Spring series and a Fall series consisting of 7 races each. One-design classes that race include the J/120 and C&C 35, open classes include PHRF A, PHRF B, and JAM. WYC also hosts other races notable in the area, including the Chimo Race and the Canadian Club Regatta.[3]

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