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Wine-Doors Installing 7-Zip
Stable release 0.1.3 / March 16, 2009; 7 years ago (2009-03-16)
Development status unmaintained[1]
Operating system Linux
License GNU GPL

Wine-Doors is a free and open source application-management tool for the GNOME desktop which adds functionality to Wine. Wine-Doors is an alternative to WineTools which aims to improve upon WineTools' features and extend on the original idea with a more modern design approach.

Relation with Wine[edit]

Some applications, in order to work properly with wine, require more tweaking than simply installing the application, such as manually configuring Wine to use certain Windows DLLs. The Wine project does not integrate such workarounds into the Wine codebase, instead preferring to focus solely on improving Wine's implementation of the Windows API. While this approach focuses Wine development on long-term compatibility, it makes it difficult for users to run applications which can run using workarounds. Consequently, many third party applications have been created to ease the use of these applications which don't work "out of the box" within Wine itself. Wine-doors is one of them.

Supported programs[edit]

Wine-Doors can automatically install many programs, including:


Most of the programs are automatically downloaded and installed, even commercial ones (in this case, a trial version is installed). The user only needs to provide the installation CDs or DVDs in order to install games. Wine-Doors can also install many components required by some programs, like Steam, Mono runtime, some Windows libraries, DirectX, fonts, and various windows components.

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