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Wine Campus is an independent wine school based in Malta but open to students from around the world.


Wine Campus was founded in the 1990s by wine writer and educator Georges Meekers.

It was originally a small college providing face to face courses in Europe.[1] Given the popularity of the web at that time, Wine Campus quickly developed into a virtual wine campus. Today, the wine school can deliver wine tuition to anyone anywhere in the world with a PC and access to the Internet.

Wine Campus provides wine education via e-learning modules. They are delivered by wine experts and tutors to whom students would otherwise have no access. Wine Campus can accredit wine stewards and sommeliers anywhere in the world through a network of qualified examiners.

Educational programmes[edit]

The wine education programmes developed by the school are delivered via the online platform. The programmes begin with Apprenticeship Courses (Brevets), followed by Advanced Graduate Courses (Higher Brevets), Advanced Master Classes (Honours Brevets) and Vocational Programmes. Wine Campus offers bursaries through the Fortis Plan.

Organisational structure[edit]

The school changed its original name Mediterranean Wine Campus to Wine Campus in order to attract students from all over the globe.[2]

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