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New Zealand Winegrowers is a national industry body that represents New Zealand's viticulture and winemaking sectors, conducts research, and promotes the interests of New Zealand grape growers and winemakers both domestically and in international export markets. Winemakers and grape growers are automatically entitled to membership of New Zealand Winegrowers through payment of the grape or wine levies on sales required by law in the Commodity Levies Act 1991 and the Wine Act 2003. This combined with New Zealand's small size means that it is the only country in the world with a single national wine industry body.[1]


In the early 2000s significant overlaps in mandate and operations were identified in two former national organsiations: the Wine Institute of New Zealand, established in 1975, and the New Zealand Grape Growers Council. These organisations were merged in 2002 to become a single organisation, New Zealand Winegrowers.[2]

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