List of wineries, breweries, and distilleries in New Jersey

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This is an assortment of New Jersey wines. New Jersey's 48 wineries produce wine from more than 90 varieties of grapes, and from over 25 other fruits.

This is a list of wineries, breweries, and distilleries in the state of New Jersey in the United States. As of 2015, there are currently 48 wineries, 28 breweries, and 7 distilleries that are licensed and in operation within the state. The following lists do not include wineries, breweries, and distilleries which are no longer in business, or those that are in the process of being established.


Alcoholic beverages (i.e., beer, wine, and spirits) have been produced in New Jersey since the colonial era. The first brewery in New Jersey was established in a fledgling Dutch settlement in what is now Hoboken when the state was part the Dutch New Netherlands colony. It was short-lived and destroyed by a band of Lenape in 1643 during Governor Kieft's War (1643-1645).[1] The production of beer in New Jersey ranges from large international conglomerates like Anheuser-Busch to microbreweries producing smaller quantities using artisanal methods. The industrial northeastern corner of the state has historically been a major beer-production region, and the majority of New Jersey's breweries and brewpubs are in that region. Laird & Company, founded around 1780 in the village of Scobeyville in Colts Neck, is the oldest licensed distillery in the United States, having received license No. 1 from the Department of the Treasury.[2]

Wine grapes were planted by the early settlers of New Jersey, and some of the current wineries were established in locations where wine grapes were already present.[3] In 1767, the Royal Society of Arts in London praised two wines made on New Jersey plantations for making fine quality products derived from colonial agriculture.[4] The oldest, continuously-operated winery in the state, Renault Winery, was established in 1864.[5]

The production of wine in New Jersey largely consists of small farm wineries. Because of its sandy soil and warmer climate, the majority of the state's wineries are located in South Jersey's Outer Coastal Plain Viticultural Area.[6] A handful of wineries are in western New Jersey's Warren Hills Viticultural Area.[7] Part of the Central Delaware Valley Viticultural Area is in New Jersey, but no New Jersey wineries are currently in this viticultural area.[8]

New Jersey wineries produce wine from more than 90 varieties of grapes, and from over 25 other fruits.[4][7]

Until the 1980s, prohibition-era laws severely restricted the number of wineries, breweries, and distilleries in the state. In 1981, the New Jersey Farm Winery Act exempted low-volume family-owned wineries from the restrictions, and allowed wineries to create outlet stores.[9] Likewise, New Jersey created a limited brewery license for microbreweries and a restricted brewery license for brewpubs.[10] In 1995, the Ship Inn in Milford became the first brewpub in New Jersey since Prohibition.[11] In 2012, New Jersey liberalized its licensing laws to allow microbreweries to sell beer by the glass as part of a tour, and sell up to 15.5 gallons (i.e., a keg) for off-premises consumption. The same legislation permits brewpubs to brew up to 10,000 barrels of beer per year, and sell to wholesalers and at festivals.[12][13] In 2013, New Jersey issued the first new distillery license since Prohibition to Jersey Artisan Distilling, and passed a law creating a craft distillery license.[14][15]

List of producers[edit]

The following is a list of wineries, breweries, and distilleries in New Jersey, including the town and county where the establishment is located, the year when the business first sold to the public wine, beer, or liquor that it produces, the type of ABC license that the business has, and the number of cases or barrels produced annually.[16][17][18][19] For wineries, the table also lists the AVA that the winery is located in, the year grapes were first planted for commercial use, and the number of acres planted with grapes. The town listed is based on the establishment's physical address, which may differ from its mailing address.

In the United States, a standard case of wine is 2.38 gallons, whereas a standard barrel of beer or spirits is 31.5 gallons.


American Viticultural Areas (AVAs):
OCP = Outer Coastal Plain Viticultural Area
WH = Warren Hills Viticultural Area
None = not in a recognized viticultural area

Farm = farm winery license
Plenary = plenary winery license

Name Town County Year planted Year opened AVA License Acres Cases
Alba Vineyard Finesville Warren 1980 1982 WH Plenary 42 11,000
Amalthea Cellars Atco Camden 1976 1981 OCP Plenary 10 5,000
Auburn Road Vineyards Pilesgrove Salem 2004 2007 OCP Plenary 19 4,200
Balic Winery Mays Landing Atlantic Early 1800s 1966 OCP Plenary 57 Undisclosed
Bellview Winery Landisville Atlantic 2000 2001 OCP Plenary 40 8,000
Beneduce Vineyards Pittstown Hunterdon 2009 2012 None Plenary 10 3,000
Brook Hollow Winery Columbia Warren 2002 2007 WH Farm 8 1,050
Cape May Winery & Vineyard North Cape May Cape May 1992 1995 OCP Plenary 25 11,000
Cava Winery & Vineyard Hardyston Sussex 2005 2008 None Plenary 5 3000
Cedarvale Winery Logan Gloucester 2004 2008 None Farm 8 2,500
Chestnut Run Farm Pilesgrove Salem 1986 2007 OCP Farm 5 700
Coda Rossa Winery Franklinville Gloucester 2002 2010 OCP Plenary 10 1,500
Cream Ridge Winery Cream Ridge Monmouth 1987 1988 None Plenary 14 5,000
DeMastro Vineyards Vincentown Burlington Unknown Unknown OCP Farm 31 7,000
DiBella Winery Woolwich Gloucester 2002 2010 OCP Farm 4 250
DiMatteo Vineyards Hammonton Atlantic 2000 2002 OCP Farm 14 1,500
Four JG's Orchards & Vineyards Colts Neck Monmouth 1999 2004 None Farm 40 2,500
Four Sisters Winery White Township Warren 1981 1984 WH Plenary 8 5,000
Hawk Haven Vineyard & Winery Rio Grande Cape May 1997 2009 OCP Plenary 9 4,200
Heritage Vineyards Mullica Hill Gloucester 1998 2002 OCP Plenary 40 13,000
Hopewell Valley Vineyards Hopewell Mercer 2001 2003 None Plenary 25 6,000
Jessie Creek Winery Dias Creek Cape May 2002 2012 OCP Plenary 5 1,200
Laurita Winery New Egypt Ocean 1998 2008 OCP Plenary 44 14,000
Monroeville Vineyard & Winery Monroeville Salem 2010 2012 OCP Plenary 4 1,800
Mount Salem Vineyards Pittstown Hunterdon 2005 2010 None Farm 7 1,000
Natali Vineyards Goshen Cape May 2001 2007 OCP Plenary 7 1,800
Old York Cellars Ringoes Hunterdon 1978 2010 None Plenary 12 3,600
Peppadew Fresh Vineyards Morganville Monmouth 2011 2012 None Farm 4 900
Plagido's Winery Hammonton Atlantic 1999 2007 OCP Farm 14 4,200
Renault Winery Egg Harbor City Atlantic 1864 1870 OCP Plenary 48 20,000
Sharrott Winery Blue Anchor Camden 2005 2008 OCP Plenary 6 7,000
Southwind Vineyard & Winery Deerfield Cumberland 2007 2012 OCP Plenary 4 800
Swansea Vineyards Shiloh Cumberland 1994 2007 OCP Farm 12 2,000
Sylvin Farms Winery Germania Atlantic 1977 1985 OCP Farm 11 1,000
Terhune Orchards Lawrence Mercer 2003 2010 None Plenary 5 1,100
Tomasello Winery Hammonton Atlantic 1888 1933 OCP Plenary 70 65,000
Turdo Vineyards & Winery North Cape May Cape May 1999 2004 OCP Farm 5 1,100
Unionville Vineyards Ringoes Hunterdon 1988 1993 None Plenary 54 8,500
Vacchiano Farm Washington Warren 2004 2009 WH Plenary 11 2,500
Valenzano Winery Shamong Burlington 1991 1996 OCP Plenary 44 40,000
Ventimiglia Vineyard Wantage Sussex 2002 2008 None Farm 5 1,000
Villa Milagro Vineyards Finesville Warren 2003 2007 WH Plenary 11 1,500
Wagonhouse Winery South Harrison Gloucester 2004 2005 OCP Plenary 10 7,000
Westfall Winery Montague Sussex 2000 2003 None Plenary 6 9,000
Willow Creek Winery West Cape May Cape May 2005 2012 OCP Farm 40 6,000
Working Dog Winery East Windsor Mercer 2001 2003 None Plenary 16 3,500


Name Town County Year opened License Barrels
Angry Erik Lafayette Sussex 2014 Limited brewery 500
Anheuser-Busch Newark Essex 1951 Plenary brewery 10,000,000
Artisan's Brewery Toms River Ocean 1997 Restricted brewery 300
Basil T's Brewery Red Bank Monmouth 1996 Restricted brewery 650
Cape May Brewing Company Rio Grande Cape May 2011 Limited brewery 1,500
Carton Brewing Atlantic Highlands Monmouth 2011 Limited brewery 1,500
Climax Brewing Roselle Park Union 1994 Limited brewery 1,000
Cricket Hill Brewery Fairfield Essex 2000 Limited brewery 3,000
Egan & Sons Montclair Essex 2005 Restricted brewery 150
Flounder Brewing Hillsborough Somerset 2013 Limited brewery 50
Flying Fish Brewing Somerdale Camden 1996 Limited brewery 14,000
Gaslight Brewery South Orange Essex 1998 Restricted brewery 650
Harvest Moon Brewery New Brunswick Middlesex 1996 Restricted brewery 850
High Point Brewing Butler Morris 1994 Limited brewery 3,200
Iron Hill Brewery (Maple Shade) Maple Shade Burlington 2009 Restricted brewery 1,550
Iron Hill Brewery (Voorhees) Voorhees Camden 2013 Restricted brewery 1,250
J.J. Bitting Brewing Woodbridge Middlesex 1997 Restricted brewery 640
Kane Brewing Ocean Monmouth 2011 Limited brewery 1,100
Krogh's Brewpub Sparta Sussex 1999 Restricted brewery 400
Long Valley Brewery Long Valley Morris 1995 Restricted brewery 735
New Jersey Beer Company North Bergen Hudson 2010 Limited brewery 1,500
River Horse Brewery Ewing Mercer 1996 Limited brewery 12,000
Ship Inn Milford Hunterdon 1995 Restricted brewery 365
Trap Rock Brewery Berkeley Heights Union 1997 Restricted brewery 425
Triumph Brewing Princeton Mercer 1995 Restricted brewery 1,330
Tuckahoe Brewing Tuckahoe Cape May 2011 Limited brewery 400
Tun Tavern Brewery Atlantic City Atlantic 1998 Restricted brewery 700
Turtle Stone Brewing Vineland Cumberland 2012 Limited brewery 1,500
Uno Chicago Brewery Menlo Park Middlesex 1998 Restricted brewery 650


Name Town County Year opened License Barrels
Laird & Company Scobeyville Monmouth 1780 Rectifier and Blender
Jersey Artisan Distilling Fairfield Essex 2013 Plenary distillery 800
Cooper River Distillers Camden Camden 2014 Plenary distillery
Jersey Spirits Distilling Co. Fairfield Essex 2015 Craft distillery
Claremont Distilled Spirits Fairfield Essex 2014 Craft distillery

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