List of Transformers: Energon characters

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Principal characters from Transformers: Energon.

This is a list of characters from the 2004 anime series Transformers: Energon.


Optimus Prime (Grand Convoy)
Leader of the Autobots. Although peacetime had afforded Prime the opportunity to train his own elite squadron of Autobots, teaching the martial art of Kumite.[1]
Jetfire (Skyfire)
Jetfire can be relied on for consistency - he's much the same as he ever was, cracking wise on and off the battlefield, but unwaveringly serious in his duties despite any outward appearance to the contrary. He transforms into a spacecraft, and although he can no longer Powerlink with Optimus Prime, he now also possesses the Spark of Combination, allowing him to link up with other Transformers, commonly Ironhide. During the battle against Unicron, Jetfire was evolved into a more powerful form by Primus (while both versions of the series continue to use his original names, the Japanese renamed the toy Skyfire Sonic or Skyfire S, while the Americans released it as a different character named Overcast).[citation needed]


Japanese Cast (Superlink)[edit]

The cast of Superlink was:[citation needed]


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