Wing Shuttle

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Wing Shuttle
Kansai International Airport, People Mover 2.JPG
LocaleKansai International Airport, Kansai, Japan
Transit typePeople mover
Number of lines2
Number of stations6
Began operationSeptember 4, 1994
Operator(s)Kansai International Airport Co., Ltd.
Wing Shuttle interior

The Wing Shuttle (ウイングシャトル, Uingu Shatoru) is a people mover system at Kansai International Airport in Osaka, Japan. The system opened on September 4, 1994, with the opening of the airport itself. The driverless people mover lines link the main terminal building and the tips of two wings. All the stations are equipped with platform screen doors. Unlike the wheel-less Terminal 2 Shuttle System in Narita International Airport, the system in Kansai is a conventional people mover with wheels. Cars operate roughly once every 2 minutes and each route is 545m long.

Lines and stations[edit]

There are two lines, each running on the North Wing and the South Wing. Both lines have two services; one each terminates at midways, another each terminates at tips. Stations of two lines share same names, although all of them are different stations.

Station name Japanese To Midway To Terminal Gates
North Wing
Shuttle Station 本館駅 + + 16, 101 to 103
Midway Station 中間駅 + - 1 to 3, 12 to 15
Terminal Station 先端駅 + 4 to 11
South Wing
Shuttle Station 本館駅 + + 26, 27, 41, 111 to 113
Midway Station 中間駅 + - 28, 29, 38 to 40
Terminal Station 先端駅 + 30 to 37
Cars stop at stations signed "+", skip at "-".

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