Wing of a European Roller

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Wing of a European Roller
Duerer wing of a blue roller.jpg
ArtistAlbrecht Dürer
TypeWatercolor and body color on vellum
Dimensions19.6 cm × 20 cm (7.7 in × 7.9 in)
LocationAlbertina, Vienna

Wing of a European Roller (also known as Wing of a Blue Roller) is a nature study watercolor by Albrecht Dürer.[1] Dürer painted it from a dead specimen[2] in 1500 or 1512.[3]


The watercolor's dimensions are 19.6 x 20 centimeters. It is in the collection of the Albertina, Vienna.[3] In 2013, the Wing of a European Roller was loaned with other Dürer works, to the National Gallery of Art, Washington.[4][5]


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