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Wingate Institute

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Wingate Institute
Hebrew: מכון וינגייט
Established1957; 67 years ago (1957)

Wingate Institute (Hebrew: מכון וינגייט), officially Orde Wingate Institute for Physical Education and Sports (Hebrew: המכון לחינוך גופני ולספורט ע"ש אורד וינגייט), is a sports training institute located south of Netanya, Israel.


Physical education at Wingate Institute, 1959

Wingate Institute was established in 1957. It was named after Orde Wingate. It serves as the host facility for several Israeli national sports teams and as a base for IDF fitness training. Among its numerous athletic fields is the rugby pitch that serves as the home pitch of the Israel national rugby union team. Additionally, numerous fields are used as venues during the Maccabiah Games.

In 1989, the institute was awarded the Israel Prize, for sport.[1]


  • Nat Holman School for Coaches and Trainers (Hebrew: בית הספר למאמנים ומדריכים ע"ש נט הולמן)
  • Ribstein Centre for Research, Sports Medicine and Physiotherapy (Hebrew: מרכז ריבשטיין לרפואת ספורט ולמחקר)
  • International Jewish Sports Hall of Fame (Hebrew: היד לאיש הספורט היהודי)
  • Turner Pedagogical Centre (Hebrew: המרכז הפדגוגי ע"ש טרנר)
  • Cultivation of Young Talent in the Sport-Gifted Centre (Hebrew: המרכז לטיפוח מחוננים בספורט)
  • The Gymnast sculpture in Wingate Institute By Daniel Baharier
    Swimmer sculpture in Wingate Institute By Daniel Baharier
    Centre for the Development of Sports Achievement (Hebrew: יחידה לספורט הישגי)
  • Basketball players sculpture in Wingate Institute by Daniel Baharier
    Basketball players sculpture in Wingate Institute By Daniel Baharier
    Headquarters for the Israeli Diving Federation

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