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Wings of Fire
Wings of Fire series logo.png
The Wings of Fire logo, used on the covers of the novels and universally in relation to the series as a whole.

Arc 1 - The Dragonet Prophecy
  • The Dragonet Prophecy (2012)
  • The Lost Heir (2013)
  • The Hidden Kingdom (2013)
  • The Dark Secret (2013)
  • The Brightest Night (2014)
Arc 2 - The Jade Mountain Prophecy
  • Moon Rising (2014)
  • Winter Turning (2015)
  • Escaping Peril (2015)
  • Talons of Power (2016)
  • Darkness of Dragons (2017)
Arc 3 - The Lost Continent Prophecy
  • The Lost Continent (2018)
  • The Hive Queen (2018)
  • The Poison Jungle (2019)
  • Book 14
  • Book 15
  • Darkstalker (2016)
  • Dragonslayer (February 4, 2020)
  • Prisoners (2015)
  • Assassin (2015)
  • Deserter (2016)
  • Runaway (2016)
Graphic Novels
  • The Dragonet Prophecy (2018)
  • The Lost Heir (2019)
  • The Hidden Kingdom (2019)

AuthorTui T. Sutherland
IllustratorJoy Ang (covers)
Mike Holmes (graphic novels)
CountryUnited States
GenreFantasy, children's literature, fiction
Published1 July 2012 - present
Media typePrint (hardback & paperback)
Audiobook & E-book
No. of books19 (currently)

Wings of Fire is a series of fantasy novels written by Venezuelan-American author Tui T. Sutherland. The novels are set in the fictional dragon-inhabited continents of Pyrrhia and Pantala, and chronicle the quests of young dragons to fulfill prophecies. Each book is written from the perspective of a different character.[citation needed] The series consists of three five-book arcs (the third is currently incomplete), two prequels, and a four-part mini-series known as Winglets.


Arc 1: The Dragonet Prophecy[edit]

The Dragonet Prophecy[edit]

Morrowseer (a NightWing) created The Dragonet Prophecy, as follows:

"When the war has lasted twenty years…
The dragonets will come.
When the land is soaked in blood and tears…
The dragonets will come.

Find the SeaWing egg of deepest blue.
wings of night shall come to you.
The largest egg in mountain high will give to you the wings of sky.
For wings of earth, search through the mud for an egg the color of dragon blood.
And hidden alone from the rival queens, the SandWing egg awaits unseen.

Of three queens who blister and blaze and burn, two shall die and one shall learn if she bows to a fate that is stronger and higher, she'll have the power of wings of fire.

Five eggs to hatch on the brightest night, five dragons born to end the fight.
Darkness will rise to bring the light.
The dragonets are coming…

The story starts with Hvitur, an IceWing working for the Talons of Peace. He is carrying a SkyWing egg in a storm, for the prophecy. Though, when he is nearly home, Burn (one of the SandWing princesses), and two other SandWings find him. One of the soldiers binds Hvitur’s mouth, though the chains were boiling hot. One of the soldiers hands over the egg, and takes off his bind. Burn purposely drops the egg off the cliff, then she rips Hvitur’s wings and stabs her poisonous tail into his head and throws him off the cliff.

Clay and Kestrel (one of their guardians) are battle training. Kestrel calls him stupid and deaf, telling him to let the inner monster out. Tsunami then steps on Kestrel's tail to stop then fighting and they exit. Tsunami pushes Clay into the river, making him feel better, but after a bit, he gets too cold and gets out, they talk about escaping until they hear dinner.

They distract Sunny, the SandWing, to discuss how to escape, as Sunny is bad at keeping secrets. Then the dragon Morrowseer comes to their cave, because the Skywing in the prophecy was killed the guardians replaced it with a Rainwing and Morrowseer wants the RainWing dead.

Clay and Tsunami swim through to the river to listen to the guardians' conversation that night, and find out that they plan to kill Glory, Kestrel suggests she will snap Glory's neck while the dragonets are sleeping.

All the dragonets escape but are caught by Scarlet, the SkyWing queen.

The Lost Heir[edit]

The Lost Heir is about the SeaWing Tsunami who is a lost princess of Queen Coral.

but little did she know that dark secrets had lay in the depths of the sea. She finds out that she and her sister, Anemone are the last of the remaining heirs to the kingdom. Tsunami vows to Queen Coral that she will find out who the assassin is that has been killing off all of her heirs these past decade . Tsunami also takes the last egg and keeps it with her. Eventually, she finds out that the statue of Orca (A dead daughter of Coral) was killing the heirs. The statue was then destroyed.

However, Blister (one of the SandWing princesses), persuades Coral to lock Tsunami and her friends up in order to 'protect' them. Anemone still visited them. She enchants a spear to bring her the dragon who attacked Tsunami in the tunnel. To everyone's surprise, the culprit turns out to be Whirlpool, Anemone's teacher of magic. He threatens to tell Blister how powerful she is and when he is talking to Tsunami Anemone gets the spear and trips him. He falls into the water and the eels attack and kill him. Anemone goes into shock. Starflight then says that Tsunami might be able to cross and she does. Anemone leaves and Tsunami frees Riptide (her lover) and Webs, one of her guardians. They emerge out of the prisons to find the Summer Palace under attack by Burn (a SandWing princess) and Scarlet's forces. As they exit the fight, Blister tries to kill Webs with her tail. She misses his heart but the tip catches his tail. They leave very quickly after that.

At the end, they decide to go to the rainforest, home to Glory's tribe the RainWings, the in hope that they might have a cure for Webs's injury since they have venom too.

Anemone! I had no idea you were capable of such powerful magic! We should tell Queen Blister haw accomplished you are. She'll be terribly pleased.

— Whirlpool

The Hidden Kingdom[edit]

Glory and her friends are recovering from the attack on the Summer Palace and as Webs (one of their guardians) was struck by Blister's (one of the SandWing princesses) poisonous tail, they decide to go to Glory's tribe; the RainWings.

The dragonets, including Glory and Clay, find their way to the rain forest and Glory’s tribe takes them in. Unlike the previous two kingdoms they have visited, these dragons are peaceful. In their dragon culture they do not fight and find hurting another living thing despicable. They each have jobs in the tribe, such as teaching the young, collecting fruit, and even have a rotation of queens (the worst job as it requires working). They participate in “sun time” each afternoon to recharge, and those who have important jobs get the best “sun time” locations.

After learning about her tribe, Glory finds that some rain wings have disappeared and has offered to help while her friends continue to assist Web who is suffering from sandwing poison. Glory finds two tunnels in a boulder and a tree leading to different lands. The dragonets meet the last SandWing princess through one of the tunnels that leads to SandWing land. They discover this princess only cares about how she looks and the IceWing's queen, Glacier is keeping Blaze confined to a fortress. She also is not very smart and the dragonets think that this is not a good quality. She and the dragonets neary get killed by a NightWing assasin called Deathbringer.

After returning, to the rainforest Glory is kidnapped accidentally-on-purpose by the NightWings.She is then taken through another enchanted tunnel This hole leads to NightWing territory. She learns the NightWings are studying the venom of RainWings and have captured 17 prisoners, 3 of whom have died from poor treatment. Glory escapes and attempts to tell the current queen about the prisoners. The queen shows little interest or worry for them, and Glory decides to challenge her for her throne.

The challenge takes place with all five rotating queens on one team, and Glory with five competitors of her choosing on the other. There are 5 challenges, all rainwing specialties; including tree gliding, flower hunting, fruit gathering, camouflage, and venom spitting. Interference from the queen’s pets causes for Glory’s team to lose the tree gliding competition. Glory’s team wins the flower hunt, the queens use dishonorable tactics to win the camouflage challenge to win, then attempt to cheat on the fruit gathering but lose. During the venom spitting, Kinkajou, one of the trapped RainWings Glory freed, gets spit on and hurt. This causes Queen Grandeur to forfeit. Glory tries to help Kinkajou by spitting her venom on Kinkajou's injured wing, and the venom stops hurting. Glory realizes she's related to Grandeur, since her venom counteracted Grandeur's.

The Dark Secret[edit]

Starflight was kidnapped by the NightWings, and is having a dream about his friends. Suddenly, water is dumped over his head and he wakes up to find himself in a NightWing nursery.

He is taken to several parts of the NightWing palace throughout the book, and gains many pieces of NightWing information. Starflight learns the NightWings pride themselves on being the best because of their scientific advancement, they have spent many years studying different aspects of dragons and their territories. They have a lab run by Mastermind, a NightWing who turns out to be Starflight's father, and some of their abilities to tell the futures and read minds might be part of using their knowledge and the power of deductive reasoning. The book leaves these powers as inconclusive as to if they exist or not.

Starflight also learns about the queen and the reasons she has not been seen for several years, that the land they are living in is becoming less hospitable, that the fortress is falling into disrepair (and lava), that most of the NightWings are starving due to lack of prey, and there’s has been a steady decline in eggs and dragonets being added to the tribe over the past 20 years.

Starflight is forced to participate in “tests” that the Morrowseer has devised with him and the “alternative” dragonets of destiny that were introduced in the epilogue of the previous book. They are made to fight amongst themselves, encouraged to kill each other and members of other tribes all to prove their worthiness to be Dragonets of Destiny, and, more importantly to the NightWings, ability to follow orders blindly.

By the end of the book Starflight has learned the most important secret kept by the NightWings. They have been planning to take over the rainforest and the RainWing territory since the prophecy was made. Their captures of the RainWings, and study of their venom is now clear to Starflight and he is opposed to this plan. He finds he is able to contact his friends through a dreamvisitor (a special gem that allows you to see people's dreams) to warn them of what he has learned, but the stone is soon stolen and he is forced to try to get back to the rainforest on his own. With the help of two of the alternative dragonets, Starflight is able to return and inform Queen Glory of an impending attack. Glory decides the best course of action is to attack first in order to help the prisoners escape.

The battle begins by the RainWings using their second best weapon, blow darts with sleeping serum, to sneak through the tunnel to the NightWing island. They use their camouflaging abilities to stay hidden while still striking down all the NightWing guards and getting the Rain Wing prisoners to safety. Queen Glory and Starflight go to the castle to release the final prisoner, Deathbringer, (who was imprisoned for helping Glory) and to speak with the NightWing Queen. They are able to accomplish each of these tasks, but find the NightWing Queen is not interested in working with them to save her tribe, and is only willing to save her tribe by conquering the RainWings entirely. The NightWing Queen dies during this argument from extending herself while still suffering injuries from a previous battle.

Queen Glory and Starflight come to the agreement that the NightWings could still share the rainforest territory on terms that are specifically devised to keep peace. They give the offering to the tribe to stay in the crumbling palace that is about to be consumed by a volcano to die, fly to the main land (a long journey and they still would have no home), or to accept Queen Glory as their ruler by agreeing to being peaceful and move to the rainforest. The majority of the dragons are willing to accept Queen Glory and happily make their way through the tunnel.

The last dragon to ask to enter the tunnel is Morrowseer. He announces that he dragonets have not thought this truce through and that he is sure the NightWings will be willing to wage war on the RainWings as soon as they are safe from the volcano. He also insults the dragonets in any way he can before admitting that he had not only made the prophecy, he made it up as well along with the newly deceased queen. They had known their island was dying and had created it as part of their elaborate plan to make a new home on the mainland. According to Morrowseer, there is no prophecy, no dragonets of destiny, and the elaborate ruse has failed not only by not getting the NightWings what they wanted, but also by producing these dragonets who have not bowed to the NightWing’s plans. The book ends with Morrowseer dying from volcanic activity, and Starflight being blinded but able to return to the rainforest.

At the end of the book, Sunny is captured by Starflight's half sister, Fierceteeth, and taken to the Sand Kingdom for ransom.

The Brightest Night[edit]

This book is from the perspective of Sunny, the SandWing of the group of dragonets. It starts where the last book left off, with the NightWing tribe taking refuge in the forest by agreeing to follow Queen Glory. Sunny is kidnapped by three of the NightWings who fled to the rainforest but have no allegiance to Glory and do not believe peace is attainable. They use a special stone mirror called 'The Obsidian Mirror', which can eavesdrop on any dragon’s conversation. This mirror works by saying the dragon's name, then blowing smoke on it. Sunny watches as they use the mirror to spy on Queen Glory and then create a plan to sell Sunny to Burn because she likes strange things, and to also tell her about The Dragonets Of Destiny (DOD) being in the rainforest so she can attack them. Fierceteeth also plans to be the queen of the NightWings after Burn 'deals' with Glory.

Sunny is able to hear most of their plans then wriggles out of their clutches and flies away far enough that she can hide. She then decides to follow them instead of returning to her friends. As she follows she finds them slow and without stamina due to growing up on an active volcano. The first night she is able to steal the Obsidian Mirror and uses it to watch them, her friends, and various other dragons.

Sunny follows them to a place in the desert named The Scorpion Den, which was where her former captor admitted to finding her egg. Sunny listens as the NightWings who captured her attempt to enter and are instead dragged before the Outclaws, a group of SandWings who are outside of the three SandWing princesses control. The town is full of outlaws and assassins where the theme is “kill or be killed.”

Sunny is discovered hiding after hiding the mirror and is also taken to the leader of the Outclaws. The leader is a female dragon named Thorn who created the Outclaw group after a series of tragic life events that gave her the ambition to make the Scorpion Den a better place while searching for those who had crossed her.Sunny sees her asking the NightWings about Stonemover and Morrowseer, two NightWings. The NightWings reply that Stonemover "left the tribe a long time ago and that Morrowseer is dead”. Upon hearing this, Thorn kills one of the NightWings in anger and frustration. Sunny finds out Thorn is actually her mother before her mother is called away to assist an orphanage she set up with a deadly loose snake that can kill with one bite.

At this time Sunny is kidnaped again to be taken to the SandWing princess Burn who appreciates collecting odd dragons. Burn is not there, but she meets the brother and head guard of the SandWing princess, called Smolder, and befriends him and his pet scavenger “Flower.” She learns Flower was a part of the original party who killed the SandWing queen Oasis and started the war, that there is a box filled with some unknown thing for Burn that everyone is afraid of, that Queen Scarlet is being kept prisoner, and that the scavengers stole the Eye of Onyx, a strange animus-enchanted object that chooses the best queen available, which would've been useful. Flower is very trusting of Sunny, and the princess brother even takes her outside for sun before he is distracted by Thorn invading the stronghold to rescue Sunny. Sunny spots Peril in the confusion, from the first book, coming to rescue Scarlet. Sunny convinces Peril to help her instead. Peril stops the fighting and invites the invading Outclaws into the fortress.

Peril goes to release Scarlet while Sunny and Thorn get tricked into being trapped in the library by Smolder. They find an old correspondence from Sunny’s father to Thorn. Thorn explains Sunny’s father is an animus NightWing dragon who created the enchanted tunnels between the lands and they fell in love and had Sunny. Sunny is half SandWing and half NightWing which explains her odd looks. The letter tells Thorn that he is waiting for her at Jade Mountain. Sunny connects this with something Kestrel told them before she flew off after the dragonets freed her from the SkyWings in the first book; that they can contact her by the dragon who lives in the Jade Mountain if they need her.

Sunny burns her way out of the library though the wood door. Thorn returns to the Outclaws and Sunny heads back to the rainforest via Jade Mountain. Sunny is able to find her father, who admits to running away so the NightWings could not force him to do more magic, that the NightWings made up the prophecy, that NightWings have not had mind reading or prophetic abilities in several generations, that he has become a sort of message dragon for the Talons of Peace, and that he used his magic to make it so that by using his powers he does not lose his soul, but his body instead. Sunny is not impressed and believes in working to make things happen instead of waiting for them, but is empathetic to his situation.

Sunny returns to the rainforest, explains her adventures to her friends, and they come up with a final plan to stop the war. They work together to tell all the queens, using a dreamvisitor, that they need to come to the SandWing stronghold on a specific night at midnight. They also spread the word to all the SandWings and other dragons they can manage.

When that night comes, many different kinds of dragons are gathered together to wait for the Dragonets of Destiny and princesses in the hopes the war will actually be over. The dragonets plan is to have the sisters work together and peacefully decide who the queen will be. This does not go well, and he mystery box from the castle is brought out. The deadly snakes are released and Burn is killed immediately by one. Clay is injured, but Peril comes to his rescue by burning the bite. Clay is permanently scarred but will live.

Blaze and Blister start fighting and the dragonets are upset by Blister most likely becoming the SandWing Queen. They discuss how they wish they could pick someone outside the royal family. Flower starts making odd motions and yelling at them. She directs them to the Queen Oasis’s grave and demands they dig. The last queen was buried where she fell and her skeleton is still there. They find the spoils from the scavengers raid of her treasury, including the Eye of Onyx that decides the queen. The dragonets are attempting to put all the events together with the prophecy, despite the fact that two sources have admitted to making it up, and wait while they expect Sunny to declare herself queen. Sunny decides she would not be willing to do all the queenly duties, especially if it requires hard decisions and violence. She hands the Eye of Onyx to Thorn, who accepts it and announces herself queen. Blister attempts to take the stone but it kills her. Blaze, still relying on the prophecy, decides to bow to the new queen’s rule.

The dragons who witness this believe this means the prophecy has been completed and that the war is over. They choose to accept the new rule and end the war.

The book ends with the dragonets deciding to open a school to encourage other dragonets to grow up together where they can learn they are not so different from each other. The intertribal school is meant to continue the peace with several teachers from several different tribes. The dragonets are no longer in danger and feel they can promote the school with support from the MudWing queen who only went to war to save her tribe from being attacked, the SeaWing queen who is a big proponent of education, the new SkyWing queen who is working to create a more peaceful tribe, Glory, the RainWing/NightWing queen, and the new SandWing queen Thorn who has been a big proponent of helping dragonets while running the Scorpion Den.

The final words of the book warn about another old forgotten (and real) prophecy that still needs to be fulfilled.

Arc 2: The Jade Mountain Prophecy[edit]

Moon Rising[edit]

Moon Rising follows the story of a young dragonet named Moonwatcher or Moon for short. She is currently the only known existing dragon with the ability to read minds and is being dropped off at Jade Mountain Academy, the school founded by the original Dragonets Of Destiny (DOD) by her mother Secretkeeper. She is shown by Fatespeaker, a kooky side-character from the original arc to her cave where she meets Kinkajou and Carnelian, her clawmates. After a day in school, she also finds Winter and Qibli. After a certain period of time, she also meets Darkstalker, an over 2,000-year-old dragon trapped underground, and after extensive research, we find out about his girlfriend Clearsight and his friend Fathom.

Later, Moon admits to her friends about her mind-reading powers. They all are mad that she didn't tell them, except Turtle, a SeaWing prince.

Winter Turning[edit]

"Winter Turning" follows the IceWing dragonet Winter as he embarks on a dangerous journey to find another IceWing, Hailstorm, and bring him back to the royal family. On the journey, Winter realizes his love for Moon as they embark together on their journey without Turtle and they soon find out that Pyrite is Hailstorm. They also discover where Icicle is and is quickly subdued by Queen Glory of the RainWings for murder and attempted murder on Kinkajou. When Winter goes home, he finally discovers Foeslayer, a NightWing, and recruits her to take Winter and his friends to the old Kingdom of Night.

Escaping Peril[edit]

Peril is struggling to deal with her fire-scales. She just wants to be a normal dragon and escape her reputation as the most dangerous dragon in Pyrrhia. Can she learn to live as she is?

Talons of Power[edit]

In this book Sutherland delves deeper into the wonders of animus magic, it's beauty and dangers from the view of the nervous Turtle.

Darkness of Dragons[edit]

From the point of view of the quick-thinking Quibli, the battle against Darkstalker must come to an end, and Darkstalker must not win! But that is not as simple as it sounds - Darkstalker is the most powerful dragon in all of Pyrrhia, ever; how can some dragonets possibly hope to defeat him on their own?

Arc 3: The Lost Continent Prophecy[edit]

Turn your eyes, your wings, your fire To the land across the sea Where dragons are poisoned and dragons are dying And no one can ever be free.

A secret lurks inside their eggs. A secret hides within their bloom A secret buried far below. May save those brave enough to look.

Open your hearts, your minds, your wings To the dragons who flee from the Hive. Face a great evil with talons united Or none tongue tribes will survive.

The Lost Continent[edit]

We are introduced to lovable Blue and his sister, Luna, on the 'Lost Continent' of Pantala. Blue just wants an ordinary life in the hive, working for the Hivewings as the Silkwings have peaceably for 50 years. Only, it's not to be. On Luna's Metamorphosis day, everything is turned upside-down, and Blue is forced to make a run for it, accompanied by his friends Cricket and Swordtail.

The Hive Queen[edit]

A huge secret has been kept for too long, and it's time for it to reveal itself. What is Queen Wasp up to? And why are Leafwings so dangerous? What are Flamesilks and where are they kept? Is it really so forbidden for a Hivewing and a Silkwing to fall in love...?

The Poison Jungle[edit]

"Some secrets are deadly." In this book, you explore Sundew's life and thoughts. At first Sundew, Swordtail, Cricket, Bumblebee, and Blue are weaving their way through the poison jungle, trying to get to Sundew's village. Once there they learn about the SapWings and Sundew's love life. They also have to stop a HiveWing invasion and an old LeafWing being controlled by a plant.


The Wings of Fire cast consists of dragons belonging to ten tribes, seven native to the continent of Pyrrhia and three to the continent Pantala. The seven Pyrrhian tribes are SandWings, MudWings, SkyWings, SeaWings, IceWings, RainWings and NightWings. The three Pantalan tribes are SilkWings, HiveWings and LeafWings.

The five perspectives of the series' first arc are the Dragonets of Destiny, young dragons who have been raised by the Talons of Peace to fulfill a prophecy, which said that five dragonets would stop a raging war in Pyrrhia after 20 years of battle. The dragonets are referred to as Clay the MudWing, Tsunami the SeaWing, Glory the RainWing, Starflight the NightWing and Sunny the SandWing-NightWing hybrid.

The first book of the Wings of Fire: Legends series provides background on Darkstalker the NightWing-IceWing hybrid, Clearsight the NightWing and Fathom the SeaWing, dragons who lived thousands of years prior to the events of the main series. The second will be from the point-of-view of the humans, called scavengers in the series who killed Queen Oasis in 4992 A.S., and reveal how they killed her.

The five perspectives of the series' second arc are students at Jade Mountain Academy, learning, investigating, and fighting about Darkstalker, which was mentioned earlier. The names of these dragonets are Moonwatcher, otherwise known as Moon the NightWing, Winter the IceWing, Peril the SkyWing, Turtle the SeaWing, and Qibli the SandWing.

The perspectives of the third arc are Blue the SilkWing, Cricket the HiveWing and Sundew the LeafWing. The other two books for the third arc have not been announced yet.

The Queens of Pyrrhia: Queen Thorn of the SandWings (After the Great War), Queen Moorhen of the MudWings, Queen Ruby of the SkyWings (After Scarlet left the Sky Kingdom), Queen Coral of the SeaWings, Queen Glory of the RainWings, Queen Snowfall of the IceWings (After Queen Glacier died from Darkstalker's IceWing illness), and Queen Glory of the NightWings (After the volcano on the NightWing island erupted and the NightWing Queen died, then, the NightWings went to the Rainforest) The Queens of Pantala: Queen Wasp of the HiveWings and SilkWings (After the events that happened in the Tree Wars) and Queen Sequoia of the LeafWings.


The NightWing-IceWing War[edit]

In roughly 3010 AS, Foeslayer the NightWing and Prince Arctic the IceWing fell in love in the Ice Kingdom. Arctic was an animus, which means that he had magic powers to use only once according to tribe rules. If he married Foeslayer, his tribe, the IceWings, would never have animus powers again. His love proved strong, and they then ran to the Night Kingdom. Later they had a son named Darkstalker and a daughter named Whiteout. Darkstalker was born an animus, and was hatched under all three moons, giving him prophecy power and mind reading powers. The IceWings hated the NightWings for "stealing their magic". The IceWings then started battle with the NightWings. Later, they kidnapped Foeslayer, and it was assumed that she was then killed. Darkstalker was furious, and started using his magic to terrorize the IceWings. Clearsight looked into the future and saw that things were not going to be good for the tribes' future. Clearsight got Fathom (an animus SeaWing sent to be Darkstalker's friend and persuade him not to use his animus magic, as it would drive him crazy) to enchant an already-enchanted bracelet to put him to sleep for hopefully forever. Thousands of years later, he was accidentally woken up by an earthquake. After a quest to find Darkstalker's talisman (a scroll), Peril (a SkyWing that has fire scales) burns it, giving Darkstalker his animus powers back. He got some of the NightWings to convert back to liking him using his magic. He then started meeting each NightWing and used his magic to give all the NightWings powers such as super strength, super fast flying, and mindreading powers. Soon after he gave the IceWings a sickness that killed their queen. The IceWings then got mad and went to war against the NightWings at Jade Mountain. The war lasted through the last few chapters of Darkness of Dragons, book ten, before Qibli, Moon, and Turtle came up with a spell to give them empathy for each other, and send them back to their kingdoms, ending the battle.

The War of SandWing Succession[edit]

The main war in Wings of Fire book 1-5 was the War of SandWing succession, otherwise known as "The Great War." This is SandWing princesses Blister, Blaze and Burn fighting for the throne after Queen Oasis was killed by a scavenger. The prophecy states that, "When the war has lasted twenty years, the dragonets will come... when the land is soaked in blood and tears, the dragonets will come..." On Burn's side of the war, there are the MudWings and the SkyWings, on Blister's side of the war, there are the SeaWings, and on Blaze's side of the war, there are the IceWings, and most of the SandWings support Blaze. The NightWings are not involved in the war, though they highly support Blister. The NightWings were "Too powerful and mysterious to be part of the war...". The Talons of Peace raised the dragonets of destiny, of whom are Clay the MudWing, Tsunami the SeaWing, Glory the RainWing (not in original prophecy. She is a replacement for the broken SkyWing egg), Starflight the NightWing, and Sunny the SandWing-NightWing hybrid.

The Tree Wars[edit]

In books 11-15, the main war is the Tree Wars. In this, the HiveWing queen, Queen Wasp, lies to all the tribes by saying that The Book of Clearsight, a book that tells the future, says that she should rule all three tribes. The SilkWing's queen, Queen Monarch, believes her and agrees, but the LeafWing's queen does not, causing a war between all three tribes. The SilkWings and HiveWings win, then destroying all trees except for the Poison Jungle, along with banning trees from art and hunting down the LeafWings.

  "Tree Killers!" ~Sundew to Blue in the Lost Continent


Graphic Novels[edit]

A first graphic novel The Dragonet Prophecy was announced in 2012 that author Tui T. Sutherland has hoped that the graphic novel would come in a while, however, a comic adaptor, Mike Holmes, announced that it would be released on January 2, 2018. A second comic, The Lost Heir, was released on February 26, 2019. A third comic, The Hidden Kingdom, is scheduled to be released on October 15, 2019.

Year System[edit]

The Scorching took place a year before 1 A.S. (Meaning "After Scorching"), is when dragons toppled humanity, and is the basis for the year system. Legends: Darkstalker takes place from 3006 A.S. to 3017 A.S.. The War of SandWing Succession and the main events of the first occur from 4993 A.S. to 5011 A.S., arcs 2 and 3 take place in 5012 A.S., and the Winglets and various prologues are set during different years before 5011 A.S..


Tui T. Sutherland's series, Wings of Fire