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Wings of History is an aviation museum in San Martin, California.[1] It is a nonprofit organization[2] that operates using donations and membership dues.

A wooden propeller being made in the prop shop.

The museum also has a restoration shop, library, and propeller shop.


The Wings of History museum has two large hangars filled with aircraft and instrument parts.

Hangar 1[edit]

Hangar 1 consists mainly of antique aircraft parts, like engines, and a full-size, complete albeit non-flying replica of the Wright Brothers' original Wright Flyer. This hangar also has many models and other highly detailed aircraft engines including

Hangar 2[edit]

Hangar 2 consists mainly of complete aircraft, and a car-helicopter that was donated. Near the exit there is a flight simulator and collection of radar and flight instruments.


The nose and engine of the Vickers Viscount.

Outside the hangars, there is a [1938 American Eagle A-101, 1934 Aeronca C-3, 1934 Pietenpol Air Camper, 1940 Stinson Model 10]. Various experimental aircraft and the Vickers Viscount are also on display. Many of the restored or partially restored aircraft have working flight surfaces that are controllable through the cockpit.

The B-25 sitting between Hangars 1 and 2


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