Winnipeg Blue Bombers all-time records and statistics

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The following is a list of Winnipeg Blue Bombers all-time records and statistics current to the 2015 CFL season.

Italics indicate a player still active with the team.


Most Games Played

Most Seasons Played

Most Consecutive Games Played


Most Points – Career

Most Points – Season

Most Points – Game

Most Touchdowns – Career

Most Touchdowns – Season

Most Touchdowns – Game

Most Rushing Touchdowns – Career

Most Rushing Touchdowns – Season

Most Rushing Touchdowns – Game

Most Receiving Touchdowns – Career

Most Receiving Touchdowns – Season

Most Receiving Touchdowns – Game


Most Passing Yards – Career

Most Passing Yards – Season

Most Passing Yards – Game

Most Pass Completions – Career

Most Pass Completions – Season

Most Pass Completions – Game

Most Pass Attempts – Career

Most Pass Attempts – Season

Most Pass Attempts – Game

Most Passing Touchdowns – Career

Most Passing Touchdowns – Season

Most Passing Touchdowns – Game


Most Rushing Yards – Career

Most Rushing Yards – Season (all 1000 yard rushers included)

Most Rushing Yards – Game


Most Receiving Yards – Career

Most Receiving Yards – Season

Most Receiving Yards – Game

Most Receptions – Career

Most Receptions – Season

Most Receptions – Game


Most Interceptions – Career

Most Interceptions – Season

Most Interceptions – Game

Tackles (Since 1987)[edit]

Most Tackles – Career

Most Tackles – Season

Most Tackles – Game

Quarterback Sacks[edit]

Most Sacks – Career

Most Sacks – Season

Most Sacks – Game


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