Winnipeg Junction, Minnesota

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Winnipeg Junction is a ghost town in section 22 of Highland Grove Township in Clay County, Minnesota.


Winnipeg Junction was established in 1885 with the arrival of the Northern Pacific Railroad. The town developed rapidly and within twenty years had a church, three stores, three saloons, two restaurants, two hotels, a bakery, a grain elevator, a school, three livery stables, and a post office which operated from 1887 until 1910.[1] However the railroad moved its line to a more favorable grade in 1909, and the town subsequently died, its businesses and residents moving to the adjacent communities of Manitoba Junction and Dale. Little trace of the town remains today.


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Coordinates: 46°53′45″N 96°14′48″W / 46.89583°N 96.24667°W / 46.89583; -96.24667