Winnipeg Junction, Minnesota

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Winnipeg Junction is a ghost town in section 22 of Highland Grove Township in Clay County, Minnesota.


Winnipeg Junction was established in 1887 when the Northern Pacific Railroad was extended to that point.[1] The town developed rapidly and within twenty years had a church, three stores, three saloons, two restaurants, two hotels, a bakery, a grain elevator, a school, three livery stables, and a post office which operated from 1887 until 1910.[2] In 1909, however, the railroad moved its line to a more favorable grade, and the town subsequently died, its businesses and residents moving to the adjacent communities of Manitoba Junction and Dale. Little trace of the town remains today.


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Coordinates: 46°53′45″N 96°14′48″W / 46.89583°N 96.24667°W / 46.89583; -96.24667