Winnipeg Route 105

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Winnipeg Route 105
Winnipeg Route 105
Other name(s) Grant Ave
Roblin Blvd
Maintained by City of Winnipeg
Length 13 km (8 mi)
Location Winnipeg, Manitoba
East end Route 42 (Pembina Hwy)
Route 70 (Stafford St)
Route 80 south (Waverley St)
Route 90 (Kenaston Blvd)
Route 96 south (Shaftesbury Blvd)
Route 96 north (Wm Clement Pkwy)
Route 95 east (Roblin Blvd)
West end PTH 100 (Perimeter Hwy) / PR 424 west

Route 105 is a major east-west arterial route in the city of Winnipeg. It runs through the suburbs of Fort Rouge, River Heights, Tuxedo, and Charleswood. It is the eastern extension of Manitoba Provincial Road 241, which runs westward to the communities of Headingley and Lido Plage. Within the city boundaries it connects the residential and light industrial areas west-southwest of downtown with the Pembina Highway and downtown.

The route begins at the Pembina Highway and runs westward as Grant Avenue through Fort Rouge, River Heights, and Tuxedo, then passes through the Assiniboine Forest while multiplexed with Route 96. It then becomes Roblin Boulevard, passing through central and west Charleswood before meeting the city limits at the Perimeter Highway. The road continues both as Roblin Boulevard and as Manitoba Provincial Road 241 until it reaches the unincorporated community of Lido Plage, at which point it joins Provincial Road 424.

Grant Avenue was named for Cuthbert James Grant, an early European settler and the Sheriff of Assiniboia in 1839.[1] Roblin Boulevard is named for Sir Rodmond Roblin, Premier of Manitoba from 1900 to 1915.[2]


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