Winnipeg Route 62

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Winnipeg Route 62
Winnipeg Route 62
Other name(s) Dakota St / Dunkirk Dr / Osborne St / Memorial Blvd / Colony St / Balmoral St / Isabel St / Salter St
Maintained by City of Winnipeg
Length 17 km (11 mi)
Location Winnipeg, Manitoba
North end Route 37 east (Redwood Ave)
Route 47 (Logan Ave)
Route 57 west (Notre Dame Ave)
Route 57 east (Cumberland Ave)
Route 85 (Portage Ave)
PTH 1 (TCH) / Broadway
Route 42 / Route 95 west
Route 125 west (Jubilee St)
Route 125 east (Fermor Ave)
Route 52 (St. Mary's Rd)
Route 165 (Bishop Grandin Blvd)
South end Aldgate Rd
Known for Confusion Corner
Manitoba Legislature (Osborne at Broadway)

Route 62 is a major north-south arterial route in Winnipeg, Manitoba that has eight different street names.

The official route begins on Salter Street in the city's North End; its northernmost point is often given on maps as the intersection of Salter Street and Redwood Avenue.[1] As it passes southward over the CPR Winnipeg Rail Yards and past the West End, its name changes from Salter Street to Isabel Street, Balmoral Street, Colony Street, Memorial Boulevard, and Osborne Street North, all in a space of less than two kilometres. It remains as Osborne Street North as it passes by the Manitoba Legislative Building, and then as Osborne Street as it crosses over the Assiniboine River at the Osborne Bridge, through Confusion Corner and into Fort Rouge. The route's name changes to Dunkirk Drive when it enters the suburb of St. Vital at the St. Vital Bridge over the Red River, and again to Dakota Street when it crosses St. Mary's Road just north of St. Vital Centre. The route ends at the intersection of Dakota Street and Aldgate Road in the Dakota Crossing neighbourhood of south St. Vital.

Route 62 is a major arterial route serving both the North End and St. Vital, and forms the westernmost boundary of the downtown core. Osborne Street between the Assiniboine and Red Rivers is a major shopping district, especially in the area between Roslyn Road and Corydon Avenue, known as Osborne Village.


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