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Shops of Winnipeg Square
Shops in "Winnipeg Square" underground mall in Winnipeg, Manitoba 03.JPG
Shoppers Drug Mart and the food court
Location Downtown Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Developer Trizec Corporation
Owner Crown Realty Partners
No. of stores and services 45
Website Winnipeg Square Website

Winnipeg Square (also known as "The Shops of Winnipeg Square") is a shopping mall in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.. It was built in 1979 by Trizec Corporation, and is located downtown at Portage and Main with 45 stores and restaurants.

Winnipeg Square is connected to the Winnipeg Walkway through the Concourse which links all four corners of the city's main office district via an underground roundabout.

The mall was purchased from Oxford Properties Group and GE Capital Canada Inc in September 2007 by Crown Realty Partners, a Toronto-based company.[1] The purchase included both the Winnipeg Square shopping mall and the former Commodity Exchange tower, now known as 360 Main for approximately $102.5 million.[2] In 2008, the owner of the Shops of Winnipeg Square began a $3 million upgrade to Winnipeg Square and the lobby to 360 Main.[1] In 2010, Artis Real Estate Investment Trust acquired the remaining 62 per cent stake in the former Commodity Exchange Tower/Winnipeg Square complex for $70.7 million.[3]

The Winnipeg Square parkade is a 932-stall heated parking garage located between the Portage Avenue and Graham Avenue, and Main Street and Fort Street.[4] According to city documents the parkade made a $1.5 million profit in 2008.[4] In 2009, the City of Winnipeg sold the parkade to the owners of the Commodity Exchange and Winnipeg Square for $23.6 million.[5] The sale involved $400,000 in real-estate fees paid to Shindico, the Winnipeg firm that brokered the deal.[6]

It has been estimated that 10,000 people pass through Winnipeg Square each week.[1]

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