Winona Riders (Tsuki no Uragawa)

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Winona Riders (Tsuki no Uragawa)
Winona Riders Album.jpg
Studio album by Tsukiko Amano
Released March 3, 2004
Genre J-pop
Label Otokura Records
Producer Hirotomo Togura
Tsukiko Amano chronology
"Winona Riders (Tsuki no Uragawa)"
A Moon Child in the Sky
(2005)A Moon Child in the Sky2005

Winona Riders (Tsuki no Uragawa) (Winona Riders ~月の裏側~, "Winona Riders (Other Side of the Moon)") is an album by Tsukiko Amano, named after the famous American actress Winona Ryder. It is a collection of all the B-side tracks from the single 箱庭 (Hakoniwa) to 鮫 (Same). It was released on March 3, 2004, labeled under Otokura Records and distributed by Pony Canyon.

Track listing[edit]

1. G.B.〜声変わりRiders mix〜 (G.B〜Change of Voice Riders mix〜)
2. ステロイド〜声変わりRiders mix〜 (Steroid〜Change of Voice Riders mix〜)
3. スパイダー〜月に吠えろ!〜 ( Spider〜Howl at the Moon〜)
4. 亀 (in ラウンジ) (Turtle(in Lounge))
5. Pleasure〜エンジェルタイプ〜 (Pleasure〜Angel Type〜)
6. ミサイル (Missile)
7. 人魚 (Mermaid)
8. 象〜半ナマ〜 (Elephant〜Half Pure〜)
9. 巨大獣〜第二次形態〜 (Gigantic Beast〜The second form〜)
10. BOGGY!(原宿にて) (BOGGY!(At Harajuku) )