Winslow Reef, Phoenix Islands

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Winslow Reef
Winslow Reef, Phoenix Islands is located in Pacific Ocean
Winslow Reef, Phoenix Islands
Location of Phoenix Islands
Location of Phoenix Islands
Summit depth11 metres
Locationcentral Pacific Ocean
GroupPhoenix Islands
Coordinates01°36′S 174°57′W / 1.600°S 174.950°W / -1.600; -174.950Coordinates: 01°36′S 174°57′W / 1.600°S 174.950°W / -1.600; -174.950
Discovery date1851
Discovered byPerry Winslow

Winslow Reef is an underwater feature of the Phoenix Islands, Republic of Kiribati, located 200 kilometres (120 mi) north-northwest of McKean Island at 01°36′S 174°57′W / 1.600°S 174.950°W / -1.600; -174.950. It is the northernmost and westernmost feature of the Phoenix Islands, not counting the outlying Baker and Howland Islands. It has a least depth of 11 m (36 ft). The reef is about 1.6 km (1 mi) long east-west, and about half that wide. The bottom is pink coral and red sand.


Winslow Reef at northwest of Phoenix group

Winslow Reef is mentioned by Robert Louis Stevenson, who sailed over an area thought to be Winslow Reef in late 1889, but did not find it.[1]

The reef was discovered by the whaler Phoenix in 1851, and the name of the whaler became attached to the entire group of islands.[2] Perry Winslow was the master of Phoenix on this voyage.[3]

It is part of the Phoenix Islands Protected Area and is, therefore, a protected nature reserve.

The Winslow Reef borders the U.S. Howland-Baker EEZ.[4] The PacIOOS mentions that Winslow Reef is "on the southeast boundary line of the EEZ".[5]

It is not to be confused with Winslow Reef in the Cook Islands at 20°38′S 160°56′W / 20.633°S 160.933°W / -20.633; -160.933.

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