Winston Bronnum

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Winston Atwood Bronnum
Winston Bronnum and his "World's Largest Lobster" sculpture.jpg
Winston Bronnum with The World's Largest Lobster
Born(1929-03-21)March 21, 1929
DiedSeptember 10, 1991(1991-09-10) (aged 62)
Notable work
The World's Largest Lobster, Jumbo the Elephant

Winston Bronnum (1929-1991) was a self-taught Dano-Canadian nature artist, sculptor and entrepreneur known for his large concrete animal sculptures which adorn Canadian roadsides. He founded and operated the defunct Animaland Park which showcased a number of his works and served as his workshop. He worked on bridges and hydro dams early on which helped when designing and building the structures.[1] His family name was originally spelled Brønnum.

Jumbo the Elephant, 1985

Notable works[edit]


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