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Winston Churchill Boulevard is a long north-south roadway along the western edge of Peel Region, Ontario, Canada. The road begins at Lakeshore Road in the south in Mississauga, and ends in Caledon at East Garafraxa-Caledon Townline. The road is named in honour of British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill.

The road is designated as Peel Regional Road 19 in the two segments where it forms Peel's boundary with Halton Region and Wellington County:[1]

Halton Region shares jurisdiction with the Region of Peel over segments of the road along the Halton-Peel boundary south of 17 Sideroad, and designates these as Halton Regional Road 19,[2] although no signs indicating such are posted along the route. The Town of Halton Hills shares jurisdiction with the Region of Peel over the segments along the Halton-Peel boundary between 17 Sideroad and 32 Sideroad. Wellington County shares jurisdiction with the Region of Peel over the segment between 32 Sideroad and Beech Grove Sideroad, and designates it as Wellington County Road 25. The remaining northerly segment between Beech Grove Sideroad and Caledon-Garafraxa Town Line is under joint jurisdiction between the Town of Caledon, Town of Erin and Township of East Garafraxa where Winston Churchill forms the boundary between any two of these municipalities. The segment between Highway 407 and Dundas Street is entirely within Peel Region (the region line is shifted west to Highway 407 and 9th Line), and is under the jurisdiction of the City of Mississauga.

Within Norval, Winston Churchill Boulevard deviates westward to be situated entirely within the Town of Halton Hills, and is known as Adamson Street. Despite being in Halton Region, Peel Regional Road 19 signs can still be found along portions of Adamson Street.

Within Terra Cotta, Winston Churchill deviates eastward to be situated entirely within the Town of Caledon. It is concurrent with Peel Regional Road 9 (King Street) for approximately 550 metres.

Winston Churchill Boulevard passes by other communities in Peel and Halton Regions:


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