Winston Churchill Collegiate Institute

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Winston Churchill Collegiate Institute
Winston Churchill CI Logo.svg
Winston Churchill CI.jpg
Your Community Place for Learning

Fides, Virtus, Doctrina
Faith, Excellence, Knowledge
2239 Lawrence Avenue East
Dorset Park, Toronto, Ontario, M1P 2P1
Coordinates 43°44′54″N 79°16′42″W / 43.74833°N 79.27833°W / 43.74833; -79.27833Coordinates: 43°44′54″N 79°16′42″W / 43.74833°N 79.27833°W / 43.74833; -79.27833
School type Public, High school
Religious affiliation(s) None
Founded 1954
Status Active
School board Toronto District School Board
(Scarborough Board of Education)
School district South-east
Superintendent Audley Salmon
Area trustee David Smith
School number 4196 / 954039
Administrator Shannon Meechan
Principal Ian Bain
Vice Principals Ken Mulgrew
Ionie Haywood
Grades 9-12
Enrollment 672 (2014-15)
Language English
Colour(s) Purple, Black, Grey, White, Scarlet, Silver                         
Mascot Bulldogs
Team name Churchill Bulldogs

Winston Churchill Collegiate Institute (Winston Churchill CI, WCCI, Churchill) is a public high school in Scarborough, Toronto, Ontario owned and operated by the Toronto District School Board (and the former Scarborough Board of Education prior to merger.) Although the language of instruction is English, 59 percent of the students do not use English as their primary language, and 26 percent have resided in Canada less than five years. As of Spring 2007, there were 554 male students and 467 female students.[1] Since then, the enrollment sits below 1000 with 672 students. The motto for Winston Churchill is Fides, Virtus, Doctrina which means "Faith, Excellence, Knowledge".


The plaque for Winston Churchill Collegiate Institute, dated 1953.

The cornerstone of Winston Churchill Collegiate Institute was laid on December 4, 1953 by the Scarborough Board of Education and was opened to its first 690 students on September 7, 1954 to serve the central west Scarborough community and was the first school built after World War II as well as the third high school in Scarborough. The founding principal of that school was A. B. Alison. The school building was designed by an architectural firm, Carter, Coleman & Rankin. While the school was named after the British Prime Minister during the Second World War, Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill, the school's name does not have a Sir; it is simply Winston Churchill C.I.


The datestone "December 4, 1953" was erected.

Churchill is host to many special events such as the Churchill Cheer, a December event where money is raised for charities, and the Cultural Connections Week.[1] The school has a lot of extra curricular activities and participated with the TDSB night school program (Beginning in 2013, it has been split with Birchmount Park Collegiate and SCAS Midland.) The school also has hands-on and computer courses such as Auto Shop, Wood Shop, Electronics, Machine Shop, Computer Electronics, Computer Technology, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, etc...

Winston Churchill Collegiate, as of 2013, is now one of TDSB's flagship Adult ESL Assessment Centre in the east end, replacing nearby Highbrook.

Since the closure of Midland Avenue Collegiate Institute in 2000, the school's attendance boundary is now assigned to portions of south of Eglinton Avenue and east of the railway line.


The mural of the front of school.

Winston Churchill shares the same design as West Hill Collegiate Institute and has since altered over time. Located in the 15 acre campus in the three storey 202,216 sq. ft. building, it started with 23 classrooms and has undergone major constructions and renovations in 1955, 1961, 1963, 1964, 1966, 1973 and 1983 that currently composes of more than 75+ classrooms for science and academics, four gymnasiums (girls in the upper, boys in the lower - both can be divided into smaller sections), a cafeteria, a library, workshop rooms (wood shop and auto shop) located in the eastern corner, a quad to enable creative learning opportunities for studies in science, the main office/guidance in the northeastern corner, the larger 904-seat auditorium located at the southwestern corner of the school, and the paved race track with the football/soccer field. There are 12 fire exits.

The building is divided into three floors with the basement in the western corner, the main floor, and the upper floor in the north corner with each wing has block A, B, C, D, and E. Lockers are colored purple, grey, lime green, orange and teal. The main floor is easily accessible because Winston Churchill is one of the TDSB/SBE facilities not to have elevator access.

Leonard Braithwaite Program[edit]

The Leonard Braithwaite Program is an Africentric alternative program offered at Churchill targeting students regardless of race since the 2012-13 academic year. It is the first Africentric program in the TDSB Secondary level and the first high school in Canada to receive one. Oakwood Collegiate Institute was originally to offer the program but it did not materialized due to outcry of protests. The program was named after an Ontario MPP, Leonard Braithwaite.

Sports and Clubs[edit]

Winston Churchill C.I. has a wide variety of sports and clubs. Student Activities Council, Churchill Bull Dog Council (CBC) are among the student clubs. There are also many sports teams at Churchill such as Basketball, Soccer, Flag Football, Ice Hockey, Baseball, Ultimate Frisbee, Rugby, Cricket, Volleyball, Badminton, and many others. After many years a football program has been reintroduced, with Churchill teaming up with Bendale BTI.

Colours and Mascot[edit]

The school colours were originally scarlet and silver, as an ode to the coat of arms of Winston Churchill, they have since been changed to black, white, grey and purple after a deal with the Western Ontario Mustangs team. The Churchill mascot is the Winston Churchill Bull Dog. The school has a big painting of a bull dog in the schools upper gym .

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