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Winter Banana

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'Winter Banana'
SpeciesM. domestica
Cultivar'Winter Banana'
OriginCass County, Indiana, 1876, introduced 1890

'Winter Banana' is an apple cultivar with high-quality fruit used for fresh eating.[1][2] The fruit is large, with smooth yellow skin that shows bruises more than red apples do. The flesh is rather coarse textured, moderately soft, sweet and aromatic.[1][2] Sugar 12.5%, acid 7g/litre, vitamin C 12mg/100g.[3] Pectine 0.52-0.73%.[4] Typical size height 78 mm, width 74 mm, stalk 16 mm.[5]

---- When to pick When ripe enough to eat Latest cold storage limit
In Northern states Oct. 3-17 Nov. 15-25 March 15
In Southern states Sept. 18-25 Oct 20- Dec. 5 Feb. 15


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